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PATH Tech Sets

PATH's Tech Sets are a new resource, released quarterly, that provides builders and homeowners direction in selecting innovative technologies and implementing them in a systems approach.

The second PATH Tech Set, "Durable Building Envelope Details for New Construction or Additions," shows builders and homeowners how to improve the durability of a building envelope--the foundation, walls and roof that separates conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

Durable Building Envelope Details for New Construction or Addition

This Tech Set:

  • Reduces initial costs;
  • Reduces maintanence costs;
  • Minimizes energy lost to infiltration;
  • Eliminates structural degradation due to excess moisture within the wall cavity;
  • Enhances indoor environmental quality by managing moisture; and
  • Reinforces best practices.

Also, check out this worksheet and durability checklist to guide you through the system-based approach for a durable building envelope.

Previous Tech Set

Tech Set No. 1: "Resource Efficient Plumbing" shows how to decrease the cost of construction and maintenance by promoting effective systems integration of the water distribution and used water (greywater) recycling network.

Content updated on 4/8/2005

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