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Looking for a great story?
PATH can help. In this section you'll find the latest PATH news and research, background information and helpful sources for further information.

PATH in the News

Davidsonville firm working on inner city home of the future, Annapolis Capitol, January 30, 2005.
Why move out of the family home when the kids are all grown and on their own? That's the question PATH is asking. And it's also working to come up with an answer.

International Builders' Show Features Energy-Efficient Homes, EERE News, January 19, 2005.
PATH built its two-unit PATH Tutorial Townhouses at the International Builders' Show. The modular townhouses feature such technologies as high-efficiency heat pumps; tankless water heaters; and Energy Star-rated insulation levels, windows, doors, lighting, appliances, and electronic devices.

Mod Townhomes At IBS, Building Systems, January-February, 2005.
To alert builders to the technological advances in multifamily construction, Nationwide Custom Homes is exhibiting two townhomes in the IBS show village. The two homes showcase the modular building system and PATH innovative home building techniques.

Tankless water heaters can be a money-saving change, Philadelphia Inquirer, December 26, 2004
Although tankless water heaters have been in use in Europe and Asia for years, they have appeared in the United States only in the last few years. It was in January of this year that tankless, or "demand," heaters also made the list of 10 top technologies chosen by PATH.

Townhouses Showcase PATH Technologies, Nation's Building News Online, December 20, 2004.
More than 20 innovative technologies from the PATH will be on display at twin two-story townhouses in Reed Building Group's Show Village at the International Builders' Show in Orlando on Jan. 13-16. One of the PATH Tutorial Townhouses is unfinished so that builders can see exposed building products that promote affordability, energy-efficiency, durability and quality; diminish the home's impact on the environment; and protect it from natural disasters.

Hurricanes Spur Interest in Solid Concrete Homes, Florida Today, December 20, 2004
In the wake of Hurricane Andrew's devastating journey across South Florida in 1992, wood frame houses fell from favor in the Sunshine State as new home buyers opted for sturdier concrete-block homes.

Brave New House, Ithaca Times, December 15, 2004
A growing group of planners, architects and builders are developing fresh ideas for creating shelter, both new and rehabilitated, that will absorb less of our earnings and non-renewable resources. With these ideas come new adjectives - such as sustainable, inexpensive and flexible - to supplant the bias-laden "affordable."

The PATH to Innovation,, December 2004.
Nationwide Custom Homes' PATH Tutorial Townhouses give you an inside look at energy-efficient, sustainable building and living.

The Flexible Home, Smart HomeOwner, Novermber/December 2004
Flexibility is an issue for most homeowners at one time or another. The PATH concept home addresses that issue by using a design and construction system called open building.

Towards The Beginning of Modular Homes, The Financial Express, November 20, 2004
Come 2020, houses in the U.S. can be built in 20 days flat. PATH, a leading body in the U.S. set up under the government's housing and urban development department, has revealed a new technology for building a house in 20 days flat-from ground breaking till the house is occupied.

House Showcases Latest Advances in Environmentally Friendly Home Building, Nation's Building News Online, November 1, 2004
Billed as one of the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced homes ever built, the NowHouse incorporates several technologies promoted by PATH to improve its energy efficiency, durability and affordability.

NowHouse Demo Home Showcases Latest Advancements in Today's Environmentally Friendly Homebuilding, Builder Online, October 24, 2004
Open to the public in the parking lot of San Francisco's SBC Park through December 2004, structure features latest in cutting-edge technology and home furnishings.

PCA Pushing Aggregate, Rock Products, October 1, 2004
The Portland Cement Association sponsored an architectural model of the PATH concept home in Washington, D.C. last month.

Solar Tour Offers "Zero" Energy Possibilities,, October 1, 2004
Learning about solar power options for a home is one thing, but putting that knowledge into practice is a leap that only a few people seem willing to take. PATH has worked with home development companies to get solar installations included in the designs.

Events, Washington Post, September 25, 2004
The National Association of Home Builders headquarters has on exhibit the PATH Concept Home through Oct. 1. The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing's architectural model demonstrates advanced technologies, innovative building practices and a flexibility of systems to meet homeowner needs.

HUD Officials in Port Charlotte, WCGU, Fort Meyers, Florida, September 24, 2004
A trio of houses in Port Charlotte was the focal point of a news conference yesterday -- aimed at demonstrating how homes built using new technology resist storm damage. The houses were completed just one week before Hurricane Charley hit -- and came through with very little damage.

HUD Chiefs Visit Local Houses, Charlotte Sun-Herald, September 24, 2004
Top-ranked officials for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development dropped in on a Port Charlotte single mother of four Thursday to show off her house. The house was constructed with a new, more energy-efficient and disaster-resistant building material -- and it withstood the winds of Hurricane Charley better than many of its neighbors.

Federal Officials Display Styrofoam Homes, Fort Myers News-Press, September 24, 2004
Representatives from the Department of Housing and Urban Development staged a media event in Port Charlotte on Thursday to showcase how new building technologies can be used for affordable, energy-efficient housing durable enough to withstand a hurricane.

Color Mainstream Green, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 7, 2004
It's time to move green building beyond its current niche status and into the mainstream.

Futuristic Concept Home Stresses Flexibility, Chicago Tribune, August 22, 2004
The home of the future won't look any different from today's. But it will be new on the inside. In PATH's conception, the future home will anticipate the changing needs of its owners, with movable walls that adjust to fit their lifestyles so they never outgrow their homes.

Some Exciting Innovations to Consider for Your Home, Spokane Spokesman-Review, August 8, 2004
Have you ever wondered what technological advances can contribute to your home? At the recent International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, PATH spotlighted a number of new technologies that are rapidly gaining prominence in the housing industry.

PATH Partnership Unveils Concept Home With Moveable Walls, Building Online, August 4, 2004
Recently, PATH unveiled its Concept Home, an archetectural model of a high-quality, affordable home with a custom-built look.

PATH's Home of the Future, Professional Builder, August 1, 2004
Imagine being able to build a home in 20 days. Or add extra rooms and space to any house by simply moving walls. PATH has created a Concept Home model that could make these ideas a reality.

Dreaming Up a House That Can Evolve With Its Occupants, The Washington Post, July 10, 2004
The PATH Concept Home seeks to demonstrate that American homes can be designed and constructed to be much more flexible and adaptable to evolving needs.

Path to the Future (PDF, 17.4 MB), Builder Magazine, June 2004
If you build homes, expect to use some of these products and processes in the next few years.

Plastics' Role Growing in 'Green' Construction, Plastics News, June 14, 2004
A new focus on housing sustainability is expected to boost the use of plastics in residential construction.

PATH Picks the Top Technologies,, April 1, 2004
The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, made up of government entities, home builders, product manufacturers and others, has chosen the top 10 home building technologies to develop further and bring to a wider market in 2004.

NextGen Opens Builders Eyes to Possibilities, Building Systems Magazine, March 2004
Conventional site builders were clearly intrigued by modular technology and the "Evolution of the American Home," the theme for the 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home at the International Builders' Show this past January in Las Vegas.

New Jersey Zero Energy Remodeling Project Points the Way to Gains In Residential Energy Efficiency, Nation's Building News, March 8, 2004
An energy-efficient restoration projects on run-down structures in Lebanon, NJ is expected to produce the nation's first rehabbed zero-energy home.

FOCUS ON: Green housing, REALTOR magazine, March 2004
Knowing what makes a home healthy is key to sales success.

Did you know that there's an agency of the federal government whose No. 1 goal is to shake up the building business and make your life better?

NextGen 04:The Evolution Of The American Home, Builder Systems Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2004
Modular technology is contributing to the "Evolution of the American Home," the theme for the 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home. In addition to showcasing what can be accomplished within a factory setting, this home spotlights the evolution of building science, safety and technology--three amenities that never go out of style.

IBS Exhibit | NextGen 04 The American Home Evolves, Builder and Developer Magazine, Jan. 1, 2004
Attention builders who want to build better and sell faster: NextGen04 is an IBS attraction you can't afford to miss.

Building fresh opportunities: Sale of high-tech NextGen house will benefit local charity, The Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 2, 2004
Opportunity Village was chosen out of dozens of local charities as the recipient of the 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home, a showcase for the evolution of building science, safety and technology to be on display during two conventions this month.

International Builders Show Showcases Energy-Efficient Homes, EERE News, Jan. 21, 2004
Two highly energy-efficient model homes are now being showcased at the International Builders Show, underway at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Award-Winning Building Products and Projects Advance Energy Efficiency, EERE News, Jan. 28, 2004
PATH names the Top Ten Technologies at IBS 2004.

Las Vegas builders show housed new ideas for homes of the future, The Detroit News, Jan. 31, 2004
If a builder wanted to learn, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) made it very easy for him to be a big winner at the Jan. 19-22 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Content updated on 2/15/2005

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