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Welcome, Housing Developers and Nonprofits

Housing developers - private and nonprofit groups as well as public housing authorities - make many decisions about the physical aspects of homes as they provide affordable housing for their constituencies. Developers often see opportunities for innovations that are affordable and realistic. For instance, the use of energy-efficient systems and appliances and high quality durable products can make housing more affordable through reduced utility bills, lower insurance premiums, and nominal maintenance costs. PATH recognizes that many developers are innovative, willing to cooperate with other housing groups, and considerate of the long-term needs of their clients.

PATH provides the information developers need about technological innovations without jargon, reflective of real-world costs, and consistent with developers' operating methods. PATH also documents the technology lessons developers have learned and promotes their accomplishments within the housing industry. Through their partnerships with PATH, many housing developers offer their projects as Field Evaluation projects and demonstration sites.

Content updated on 2/13/2003

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