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Fall 2003

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PATH Blazing

Clinching Cold-Formed Steel for Home Construction in Hawaii

PATH is conducting an evaluation to identify the potential applications, cost, and labor savings associated with clinching cold-formed steel for home construction. Hawaii was chosen because it is the largest and most-concentrated market for steel framing. Applications being evaluated include the use of clinching for double studs used at openings and point loads, as well as stud-track sections used for connections around door and window openings. Learn more.

PATH Examines Role of Technology in Home-Buying Decisions

In cooperation with Summerset Development and DOE Building America partner IBACOS, PATH is conducting consumer research to better understand the role technologies play in the buyer's decision-making process and to develop materials for builders to use in marketing innovative technologies. The evaluation is being conducted at Summerset, a 700+ home development in Pittsburgh built on a reclaimed slag heap. Learn more.

Content updated on 3/5/2004

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