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HUD Rehab Guide: Volumes One-Nine

Want to learn innovative remodeling techniques? Here's your primer.

The HUD Rehab Guide series, written for builders, architects, engineers, and other housing rehabilitation professionals, aims to speed acceptance of innovative housing technologies and state-of-the-art practices in nine areas:

HUD Rehab Guides Volumes 1-9

The focus of this series is housing rehabilitation, rather than home improvement. To rehabilitate means to restore to good condition, not necessarily to improve to a state that is significantly different than the original. This is a fine line, but it distinguishes this series from home improvement books written for the amateur.

All volumes include detailed illustrations and graphics. Easy-to-read chapters organize information into four sections:

  • Essential Knowledge
  • Techniques, Materials, Tools
  • Further Reading
  • Product Information, including manufacturer names and addresses
  • Appendix, including names of professional associations and research centers

Content updated on 1/2/2007

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