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How long will that roof last anyway?

Your roofing shingles are starting to look a little weather-beaten, but you're planning on selling the place in a couple of years. Should you replace those shingles now? How much would it cost? And that dingy siding! How much life does that old siding have remaining; how much would it cost to replace?

Or maybe you want to replace some old windows or just spruce up the place, and want to know what it should cost. Now, there's a way to find out.

The NEST Toolbox

With the NEST Toolbox, you have some basis for answering those questions. All you have to do is enter your zip code and some of your home's characteristics, and this Web-based tool will tell you how long your current roof, windows, garage, and doors should last. This resource can also tell you approximately how much it should cost to replace any or all of those components with the same materials or with other materials, in case you want to splurge--or if you're living on a tight budget.

It's that simple. As you input the various parameters and materials of your present house, the NEST Builder displays a basic picture of the structure. If you are thinking of using different roofing or different siding, the Durability Doctor will illustrate how these items will change the look of your home.

The tool is very easy to use, and it is backed by the research and technical expertise of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Other PATH Durability Resources

Durability by Design - A Guide for Residential Builders and Designers raises the awareness and understanding of building durability as a design consideration in housing.

Assessing Housing Durability: A Pilot Study reports several interesting statistics, cause-and-effect relationships, and observations on housing durability, based on a pilot study of the durability performance of a representative sample of homes in Maryland.

Content updated on 10/2/2003

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