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Home Builders' Guide to Manufactured Housing

More and more builders are discovering the potential of manufactured homes. Could you be one?

May 2000, 79 pages

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For decades, manufactured housing has provided a low-cost alternative to conventional site-built construction. But it hasn't always been a popular alternative. Today, evolution of the manufactured home has eliminated many of the differences with site-built homes. Changes in many states' zoning laws also are allowing the construction of manufactured homes on private land. This guide will help site builders and land developers who are new to the process navigate in the world of HUD-Code manufactured housing.

Key Points:

  • With careful planning and a cooperative manufacturer, HUD-Code homes can be an economical alternative to certain types of site-built construction.
  • By 1998, about 75 percent of new multi-section homes were located on private land rather than in a park.
  • Units installed on permanent foundations and upgraded with site-built amenities such as decks or garages can be sold as fee-simple properties, which are eligible for conventional mortgage financing.
  • Builders new to manufactured housing will have to learn how to select and work with a manufacturer to identify acceptable designs and create a fruitful business relationship.

Builder and client shaking hands


  • Investigate and understand the zoning and land-use requirements in the jurisdiction where the project is located.
  • Research consumer financing alternatives, including real and personal property financing.
  • Before completing a business plan, research the size and nature of the HUD-Code market in the area.

See page 38 for a table summarizing FHA, VA and RECD loan programs for manufactured homes.

See Appendix A for a list of manufacturing plants by state, city and manufacturer.

Content updated on 1/2/2007

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