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Durability By Design: A Guide for Residential
Builders and Designers

May 2002, 76 pages

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Concepts of Durability
Ground and Surface Water

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Rain and Water Vapor

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Protection against Decay and Corrosion
Natural Hazards

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Durability. You may not know you need it until it's not there.

But basic design practices can ensure that homes are built to last. This manual covers fundamental concepts of durability and presents recommended practices --including illustrated construction details and design data -- for moisture management, ultraviolet (UV) protection, insects, decay, corrosion, and natural hazards.

  • Most leakage problems are related to improper or insufficient flashing details or the absence of flashing.
  • Noisy floors are one of the most common callback problems. A few correctly placed fasteners can make a big difference.
  • Drainage planes do more than drain water that gets past siding or exterior cladding. They can affect how water vapor passes (or tries to pass) through a wall and may also serve as air barriers.

Read Durability by Design to learn how to cost-effectively build more durable homes.

A Few Reasons Why Durability Matters

Reduces builder callbacks and liability.

Benefits builder and manufacturer reputations.

Decreases homeowner maintenance.

Improves home's marketability and resale value.

[IMAGE: Figure 3.4 - Typical Frost-Protected Shallow Foundation with Perimeter Drain conventionally protects homes from frost.]

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