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Numerical Analysis of Transient Slab-on-Grade Heat Transfer

University of Kansas

* Brian A. Rock, Principal Investigator

Start: September 15, 2001
Expires: August 31, 2004


Building mechanical systems are selected to quickly respond to time-varying conditions that occur outside and within buildings. Designers of these systems must often balance conflicting needs such as, for example, the requirements for improved indoor air quality and reduced energy use. But where concerns dictate increased energy use, conservation measures may be employed elsewhere to offset that increase.

One place in many buildings that still has the potential for significant energy savings is their foundations. Unfortunately, mechanical systems designers do not have sufficient models readily available to quickly and accurately evaluate building foundation energy use.

The objectives of this grant are to: model heat transfer between modern slabs-on-grade and the ground, evaluate their dynamic behavior, prepare enhanced simplified equations that describe that behavior, and evaluate coefficients for these equations.

To achieve these objectives, a dedicated and detailed computer code will be written, and hour-by-hour weather data will be used to predict and observe the transient phenomena. Via enhanced simplified equations and their coefficients found in this project, others can improve their building heating and cooling loads and energy-use prediction software. Such tools will then be used by building design engineers to further optimize energy use, predict thermal comfort, improve indoor air quality, and increase workers productivity.

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Content updated on 9/21/2005

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