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Current Tools

NEST Builder: Specify the size and layout of your home and which type of roofing, siding, windows, and garage doors you have. As you enter data and select options, a custom picture of your home appears. NEST uses your own home to answer all your questions about durability.

Durability Doctor: Though durable products may cost more initially, their longer service-life can pay off in the long run. Compute the value durability adds to your home. Compare your current house with exterior options that are the most durable, have the lowest first cost, or have the lowest monthly cost over the life of your home.

Planned Tools

Replacement Calendar: Enter the age of your roof, siding, windows, and garage doors to find out when they need to be replaced and how much to budget. See a calendar and cash-flow diagram of your future replacement budget.

Durability Calculator: How much more money does it make sense to pay for components that last longer? If a roofing contractor offers a 20 year roof for $4000 or a 40 year roof for an extra $900, should you get the more durable roof?

Risk Assessor: Find out about major natural catastrophes in your area. Display summary statistics, graphs, and details on serious hurricanes, hail storms, tornados, wild fires, and earthquakes near your home. View local maps of these hazards. Make sure your home is properly protected through insurance and special construction methods.

Service-Life Predictor: How confident can you be that a component will last longer than you expect to live in your home? What are the chances that your 15 year old shingle roof will outlast the 10 years you plan to live there?

Sealant Locator: Find the best type of sealant for your house design and the humidity, ultra-violet radiation, and temperatures in your area.

Content updated on 3/10/2004

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