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Summer 2003

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PATH Partners to Showcase Advanced Technologies in NextGen Demo Home

The design of the NextGen home reflects the architectural style of the region. Copyright Donald A. Gardner 2002. All rights reserved.

PATH is pleased to announce its role as platinum sponsor of the 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home--a 2,300 square-foot house to be built on the grounds of the Las Vegas Convention Center--at the International Builders' Show in January 2004. PATH is partnering with innovative product manufacturers to showcase advanced technologies and building techniques with an emphasis on affordability. The NextGen Demonstration Home will include smart frame and roof designs that eliminate waste while improving durability, superior insulation that is less harmful to the environment, and systems that recycle and conserve energy. The collaboration of partners promises to make the NextGen Demonstration Home a dynamic exhibition of technological excellence and cutting-edge homebuilding.

The 2003 NextGen home drew thousands of visitors during IBS last January.The NextGen Demonstration Home will exhibit the economic and environmental benefits of advanced homebuilding technologies readily available in the marketplace today that can reduce construction waste and cost, enhance durability, and improve energy efficiency. PATH has been working closely with iShow, the firm managing the construction project, to arrange participation in the Demonstration Home. Below is a partial list of project partners:

All American Homes - modular homes
Biewer Lumber - exterior decking
DynaQuip Controls - water shutoff & anti-flood systems
Equaris Corporation - greywater systems NextGen Demonstration Home logo
Genesis Cable Systems - cabling
Icynene Inc. - spray foam insulation
Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) - sponsor
Louisiana-Pacific Corp. - radiant barrier sheathing
Simpson Strong-Tie Inc. - shear walls and related systems
TimberGrass, LLC - bamboo flooring and panels

Building on the success of the 2003 NextGen Home that drew thousands, PATH is working to increase awareness and market share of the advanced technologies the 2004 home will showcase. If your business is interested in sponsoring the NextGen Demonstration Home, contact Maureen McNulty at PATH: (301) 588-9387 or Read more about PATH’s role in the NextGen Demonstration Home.

Content updated on 10/30/2003

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