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Emerging Scanning Results:
Electro-Osmotic De-Moisturizing (EODM) Technology

PATH Roadmap Applicability:


Advanced Panelized Construction


Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes


Information Technology


Whole House & Building Process Redesign


A fully installed Moisture Solutions System includes a control unit, antenna, and cathode earth spear.EODM technology provides a low-energy method of stopping moisture in the ground from entering a structure through sub-grade concrete and masonry structures. As a result, mold, mildew, radon, odors, allergies, and other indoor air quality problems can be reduced or eliminated, rendering the space more healthful, amenable to a broader range of building materials and suitable for a broader range of activities--actually reclaiming space which would be otherwise unusable. Neither a structure's size, nor its use, will limit the application of the technology.

The method has been tested and proven for 15 years in Europe, and offers numerous benefits:

  • Proven Effective - Demonstrated, tested, and used successfully in over 2,500 installations across a broad range of European and North American applications. Radio waves neutralize the electrical charges that allow capillary action to occur. This effect allows gravity and evaporation to dry the structure.
  • Cost-Saving and Energy-Efficient - Consumes approximately the same power as a 100-watt light bulb; reduces maintenance and repair costs of spalling concrete, corroded metal, etc.
  • Safe - Tested and certified safe by TUV Rheinland--North America (an international testing body) against:
    * ANSI standard methods and FCC Part 18 & MP-5
    * International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61010-1:1990+A1+A2
    * UL 3101-11/10.93
    * CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 1010.1-92
  • Flexible and Quick to Install - Can be retrofitted or applied to new construction, requiring only surface mounting of the control unit and two earth-embedded spears. The entire non-intrusive system can be installed in less than four hours.
  • Preventive, Lasting and Verifiable - Prevents the entry of new moisture into the structure, and thus eliminates the need for dehumidification of wall moisture; benefits are demonstrated by direct measurement of the moisture present in the structure.
  • Damage-Reducing - Prevents damage to building contents from moisture and mold; prevents damage to wiring, piping, and other equipment from corrosion; prevents discoloration and damage to masonry walls, as a result of mineralization/salts and efflorescence.

The technology takes advantage of the natural physical and electrical properties of the earth, water, and masonry--together with low frequency radio waves--to impede the intrusion of ground moisture into masonry and to set up a virtual electronic shield around a building to keep moisture out. The system does not employ chemicals, and is minimally invasive. It generates energy levels far below those of a cellphone or cordless phone.

The patented system uses special antennae emitting modulated, timed, and varying radio waves of very low frequency (144 khz), to generate an electrical field across the masonry. As a result, the movement of the moisture through the capillaries of the porous masonry is reversed. This new process, referred to as "active electro-osmosis", stimulates the ions of the water molecules and reduces their adhesion to the capillaries in the walls. By the constant output of radio waves, the system provides for lasting dryness.

Application to PATH Roadmaps

EODM technology relates closely to the PATH program goals on quality, durability, energy efficiency, hazard mitigation, and environmental performance. These goals are captured in the roadmap ideas for Whole House and Building Process Redesign, as well as for Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes--particularly as it relates to mold abatement and mitigation.

Current Status of Technology

This technology was developed and perfected by the European inventor Hamatrol®. It has been tested and demonstrated by the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee Department of Mechanical Engineering and shown to be effective at controlling moisture and moisture-related problems. The Moisture Solutions EODM System is manufactured by Hamatrol® for Moisture Solutions LLC--an mSolve company, and the exclusive US/Canadian distributor for EODM. It has been tested and certified by TUV Rheinland--North America (an international testing body), and by INTERTEK Testing Services NA Inc.

Contact Information

Moisture Solutions, LLC
5900 Monona Drive, Suite 400
Madison, WI 53716

Ed Carroll
Vice President and General Manager
Phone: (608) 663-4705
Fax: (608) 226-0536

Lyman Wible
Phone: (608) 663-7343
Fax: (608) 226-0536

Content updated on 8/5/2004

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