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Denver, Colorado

Field Evaluation: Cohen Brothers Homes, Inc.

Rising to the industry's challenge to builders to eliminate unplanned variance and improve housing performance by controlling the assembly environment, Cohen Brothers Homes has designed, engineered, and will soon develop the on-site process by which a whole house is constructed within the shelter of a design/build facility. Building on a background in commercial construction, and enhancing their patented process and equipment with systems integration detailing, the builder expects to close the first homes produced in the facility within a year.

Members of a PATH strategic planning session, Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing predict that off-foundation vertical building, like the Cohen Brothers Homes' patented comprehensive whole house system, will achieve a central position in supplying the nation's housing stock within the coming ten years.

The NAHB Research Center will provide technology integration, quality assurance program design and overview, process improvement, and code compliance support to Cohen Brothers Homes in order to launch this comprehensive building method.

Content updated on 8/2/2004

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