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TAKE - Development Center for Finnish Building Services, Ltd.


The goal of the company's activities is to develop the building technology industry to be customer based and competitive in Finland and abroad. TAKE starts R & D projects aiming to bring about change in building product markets, influence widespread utilization of new technologies, and advance the industry.


TAKE's actions are controlled at all levels by companies involved in building product development and utilization. Activities are controlled by companies with commitments to projects. Take's backing groups cover all technologies and businesses parts in building technology, so starting different projects must be done with care. All activities must fare in international comparison. "Every company faces international competition sometime."

International Projects and Coordination Projects

The international action is not a separate activity but a natural part of the overall business. Thus, TAKE handles the issue on two levels. The international contact will be created on the common level but on the other hand all development projects are always partly international and enterprise oriented. The international contacts and network of TAKE will create the strong base for the different international activities. Especially TAKE has contributed on the European Union and Russian actions.

Industrial Ventilation

TAKE and Finland have reached probably the best international results in the industrial ventilation branch. TAKE is coordinating large international development projects, in which several technological breakthroughs have been made. Programs are based on the results of INVENT-technology program. The target of the technology program is to reach the global leader position with the Finnish technology by the year 2003. This will be reached by the international, cooperative model, in which are participating 18 countries and over 100 specialists.

Development of Supply and Customer Processes

The important basic issue is to understand, how the plant will be implemented and how the customer feel the equipment, systems and services as a part of his own structure. Thus the development and analyses of the processes will always be part of all projects. The major challenge during the coming years will be how to take account for life cycle (LCA/LCC) issues.

Information and Communication Technology

Information and communication technology is one of the most important tools needed as a part of building services. The development and implementation of the mentioned technologies are just in the strong transition stage, which will influence the whole building industry. TAKE will contribute to these issues very heavily; the information and communication technology have to become an essential part of the integrated building services business.

Energy and Environment

The international agreements made by Finland are very important issues for building services. The fulfillment of the Kyoto agreement, for example, will require enormous contributions in the building services branch. The systems and equipment of building services will relatively take 40% of energy consumption. Thus, TAKE will strongly contribute the energy and environmental development projects.

Healthy and Controlled Indoor Climate

Healthy indoor air is basic to human well-being. The important part of TAKE' s activities is to develop technologies by which the indoor air will be controlled according to settled technical targets. All targets have to be measurable and susceptible to validation.

Control, Automation and Electric Technology

The challenges in this field are very demanding. Consumption of electricity in buildings has been growing continuously, when the consumption of other energy forms have been decreasing. This is due to the fact that the electricity has been separated from the other building services for a long time.

Water and Sewage Service of the Buildings

Water services include large global challenges such as the availability of clean water, the cleaning of waste water, and moisture safe building service systems.

Contact Information

Suomen Talotekniikan Kehityskeskus Oy (TAKE)
Development Centre For Finnish Building Services LTD
Yrjönkatu 13

President Esko Tähti
Telephone: +358 9 6959 0772
Fax: +358 9 6959 0666
Mobile: +358 50 592 2212
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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