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Icelandic Building Research Institute (IBRI)

Icelandic Building Research Institute Logo


The Building Research Institute is an independent institution responsible to the Ministry of Industry and operating according to status in research in the interests of industry and commerce from 1965.

Presently, the IBRI has 42 employees, 27 of which hold university degrees. Annual turnover is approximately 3 million ECU. The Icelandic Building Research Institute is financed over the state budget (approximately 30 %) and by its own income from material testing, contract research and co-financing of research projects.


The role of the Institute is mainly to facilitate innovation, technical progress, improved production and lower cost by performing applied research in the field of buildings and constructions.

Also to facilitate technological transfer, be an information center and advise the authorities on building and construction matters.


IBRI activities are carried out in following fields:

  • Building Technology

  • Concrete Research

  • Geology and Soil Mechanics

  • Road Research

  • Cost and Labor Surveys

  • Publication and Information

  • Heat, Ventilation and Waterpiping Research

In most fields, the activities can be categorized as:

  • Material Testing

  • Quality Control

  • Applied Research

  • Consultation


Research priorities are heavily influenced by the harsh climatic conditions in Iceland. Concrete research has focused on durability aspects and utilization of marginal concrete making materials as well as the rheology of fresh concrete. Building technology research has dealt with design principles, energy savings and technology transfer as well as durability aspects and maintenance/rehabilitation methods. Acoustics laboratory is the newest addition to IBRI in this field. Research in road construction, geology and soil mechanics deals to a great extent with quality evaluation of materials, test methods and design criteria.

Emphasis is placed on the transfer of research results into practical use in the industry.

Contact Information

IS-112 Reykjavik
Telephone: +354 570 7300
Fax: +354 570 7311
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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