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Foundation for the Built Environment (FBE) Foundation for the Built Environment Logo


The Foundation for the Built Environment (FBE) is a non-profit-distributing body having the legal status of a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Members of the Foundation are firms, professional bodies and other organizations drawn from a wide range of construction, building owner and associated interests. Some universities with prominent built environment research groups are also represented.

The Members are grouped into six "Colleges" each representing a specific set of interests: built environment professionals, contractors, suppliers of materials and products, housing, building owners and managers, and universities. Each College appoints one member of the Foundation's Council except for the building owners and managers College who appoint two. Other members of the Council come from BRE or are co-opted. The composition of the Colleges and the Council ensures that no single sectoral interest or group of interests can have undue influence over the governance of FBE.

Foundation Members meet, at least annually, in an Assembly. The Council meets four times a year to oversee and guide developments and to provide strategic direction to the Foundation.

BRE, along with BRE Certification Ltd and FBE Management Ltd are wholly owned subsidiary companies of the Foundation. This ownership structure enables BRE to be held as a national asset on behalf of the construction industry and its clients, independent of specific commercial interests and protects BRE's impartiality and objectivity in research and advice.

Profits made by BRE and by the other subsidiary companies are passed to the Foundation. The Foundation uses its income to promote its objectives by funding research through: a managed program, a PhD scholarship scheme and by collaborating on research with other bodies. Most of these research activities are undertaken by or involve BRE.


FBE's mission is to champion excellence and innovation in the built environment.

Through its research programs FBE aims to achieve:

  • a higher quality built environment;

  • built facilities that offer improved functionality and value for money;

  • a more efficient and sustainable construction sector;

  • a higher level of innovative practice;

  • and also stimulate debate on challenges and opportunities in the built environment.

Contact Information

For further information contact the FBE secretary, John Burdett:

Foundation for the Built Environment
Bucknalls Lane,Garston,
Watford, WD25 9XX
Telephone:  01923 664598
Fax:  01923 664089
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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