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European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development (ENCORD) European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development Logo

The European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development is a pre-competitive platform for advancing customer-orientated industry-led innovation and best practice in the construction field.


ENCORD was founded in 1989 by a group of major European construction companies and a supplier of construction materials. The initiative was taken in the light of the European Commission Framework Research and Development Program from 1990 to 1994.

R&D in the construction industry sector is of vital importance in Europe in order to keep pace with the changing needs of society and to maintain international competitiveness. The sector is one of the largest productive sectors in the European Community, and is being challenged by non-European companies.

ENCORD recognizes the need for major improvement in the sector's overall performance and in the quality and quantity of the research and development carried out in the construction sector. It deals with innovation, R&D and state of the art matters related to all areas of the construction process and endeavours to increase industrial commitment to the implementation of these results.

Strategic Objective

ENCORD's strategic objective is to apply and combined experience and knowledge of the group to increase industry-led customer focused innovation in the construction field so that member companies can enhance their contribution and added value.

Organization and Members

ENCORD is an informal organization. The members of ENCORD are major European contractors and suppliers of construction materials who spend a substantial percentage of their turnover on R&D in Europe. The combined turnover of the members makes up a large proportion of the EU's total construction output. The member companies are involved in many partnerships in different European activities and R&D projects.


ENCORD's aims are to:

  • Provide customer driven R&D and innovation
  • Be a pre-competitive platform for the construction industry
  • Enhance the potential and competitiveness of industry-led innovation
  • Be active in networking of all aspects of the business is that which is of interest to our companies, e.g. Best Practice
  • Exchange information on the R&D sector and create common R&D projects
  • Actively interface with the EU to impress the necessity and the requirements of R&D in the construction sector
  • Increase the use of R&D results in the construction industry

Contact Information

General Secretary
Ms. Lorna Clarke
HOCHTIEF Construction AG
Lyoner Strase 25
60528 Frankfurt
Telephone: +49-69-7117-2022
Fax: +49-69-7117-2782
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/1/2005

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