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Centre Scientific et Technique du Batimat (CSTB) Centre Scientific et Technique du Batimat Logo


CSTB is building the future of the construction industry. Our experts, researchers, engineers and high-level technicians - backed up by the most advanced equipment and modern technology - apply their specialized skills to four fields:

  • Research

  • Technical Consultancy

  • Quality Assessment

  • Knowledge Dissemination

These complementary professions and the broad scope of our activities constitute CSTB's comprehensive approach to construction, encompassing the urban context, with its related services and relevant expertise.

CSTB comprises a wide range of prominent experts, specializing in building materials and techniques, equipment, safety, thermology, acoustics, aerodynamics, lighting, environmental and health issues, advanced communications technology, as well as economics and sociology.

CSTB assists manufacturers, building contractors, engineering firms, architects and contracting authorities, as well as advising Public Authorities on technical regulations and construction quality.

As a public industrial and commercial corporation, CSTB operates independently of our partners in the building industry, such as construction professionals and manufacturers.

A Major Presence in Europe

CSTB plays a leading role in both European construction and international cooperation. The strength of CSTB's considerable expertise has engendered a strong commitment to work in a technical partnership with Europe's main research centres.

CSTB is also a key participant in all major European research programs. It is one of the leading figures in a variety of specialized fields such as social engineering, acoustics, hygro-thermal mechanics, aerodynamics, and computerizing construction methods, among others.

CSTB is already helping several hundred clients in Europe and is currently staking its claim as a technical and scientific center on a European scale.

Research - Putting Theory Into Practice

Applied research is the cornerstone of CSTB's consulting and assessment activities. In fields as varied as the urban environment, health, communication sciences, economics and social issues, CSTB prides itself on a high level of research, covering all aspects of construction. CSTB researchers are finding current solutions to future needs - working today to meet the requirements that builders, manufacturers, and end-users will have tomorrow. CSTB researchers are devising technologies: new equipment such as the climatic and atmospheric wind tunnels, the components testing center, and the acoustic scale model station are sure to satisfy industry expectations. Our research teams have created measurement stations and simulation models (for aerodynamics, lighting, environmental acoustics, fire safety, thermology) which offer further proof of CSTB's strong commitment to applied research. Thanks to our research programs, the construction industry and end-users can count on higher standards of quality, performance and productivity - now, as well as in the future.

Scientific and Technical Consultancies - A Partner for Major Challenges

Our laboratories, equipment and superior quality research tools enable CSTB to find innovative solutions to the complex engineering problems that conventional methods prove incapable of solving. Thanks to our specialized scientific and technical expertise, CSTB can offer customized high-technology solutions to each of our clients, whether they are small or medium-sized companies, industrial groups, engineering firms, architects or even contracting authorities.
As such, CSTB has become the unmistakable partner in all of today's great technological challenges : France's Bibliothèque Nationale, The Louvre Pyramid, Cable-stayed Bridge "Pont de Normandie".

Appraisal and Approval - A Great Tradition of Objectivity and Guidance for Innovation

CSTB's expertise as a specialist in assessing innovative techniques is acknowledged both in France and abroad. By means of our Technical Approvals and ATEx (technical experiment assessment) procedures, we ensure sound and reliable innovation. The success of these procedures is guaranteed by four professional assets : our absolute objectivity, our familiarity with end-user needs, our first-hand knowledge of the real workings of factory and building sites, the in-depth experience resulting from our own research. Our independence and technical mastery also make CSTB an approval agency with a national and international reputation for the validity and quality of its certifications - a considerable advantage for those who choose CSTB. We also advise the Public Authorities as they draw up major regulations in thermology, acoustics, fire safety, health and hygiene, among others.

Knowledge Dissemination - Getting the Necessary Information to a Maximum Number of Professionals

Not only does CSTB institute information, we also circulate it to all those who need it. Cahiers du CSTB and CSTB Magazine - our key publications - regularly communicate our latest research results, and provide updates on technical regulations. CSTB-published books and other works provide easy information acces to a maximum number of news-conscious professionals. From CD-ROMs to telematics and internet, from educational software to expert systems, CSTB's specialists purpose-design and develop products and services specifically adapted to advanced communication technologies. The CD REEF contains all the technical and regulatory material generally used by all building professionals.

Contact Information

Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment
4, avenue du Recteur Poincaré
75782 PARIS cedex 16
Web Address:

Représentant légal et directeur de la publication:
Alain MAUGARD, Président du CSTB
Responsable éditorial : Mireille Héros
Responsable technique : Franck Andrieux
Webmaster : Dominique Boiret

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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