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Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) Construction Industry Research and Information Association Logo


With more than 500 corporate members CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) is the independent voice of construction and environment in the United Kingdom. Working hand in hand with the government, key trade bodies and the Industry's leading organizations. CIRIA's mission is to improve the performance of all those involved in construction and environment through greater understanding of the issues it faces. The largest part of CIRIA's work consists of collaborative research programs which addresses all kinds of issues topical to construction, such as legislation and regulation, training, management and economics. CIRIA also strives to help organizations achieve best practice through a combination of training events, seminars and conferences, in-house consultancy and discussion groups such as the Construction Industry Environmental Forum (CIEF) and Construction Productivity Network (CPN). As a not for profit organization, CIRIA is uniquely placed to work solely for the interests of its members, the industry in general and the public good. It has no shareholders and no vested interests.

Contact Information

Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA)
6 Storey's Gate
London SW1P 3AU, UK
Telephone: (+44) (0)20 7222 8891
Fax: (+44) (0)20 7222 1708
Email Address:
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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