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Danish Building and Urban Research Institute (By og Byg) Danish Building and Urban Research Institute Logo


By og Byg is the national institute for building and urban research in Denmark. The institute used to be called SBI, as an abbreviation of Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, the official name. Now the abbreviation SBI has been replaced by the name By og Byg (which directly translated reads something like 'town and building', although this translation is not used as a name). Also, the official name in English has been changed from Danish Building Research Institute to Danish Building and Urban Research Institute.

The reason for these changes is that By og Byg wants to be clear in word and deed. And, at least in Danish, the name By og Byg clearly describes the areas of the institute's research. At the same time, the visual identity of the institute has changed in order to give By og Byg a clear profile. The visual identity encompasses trademark, typography and colors; and these basic elements are implemented in the communication of the institute in terms of research reports, Web site, stationery, newsletter, signs, etc.

Productivity and Quality Development in Building

The research group on Productivity and Quality Development in Building does research on the complexity of the building process with emphasis on the innovative powers of the building industry. Research efforts focus on methods and strategies for increasing productivity and quality of building. The group's research also contributes to improved dissemination of knowledge to enhance its application in firms and on building sites. This might take place, for instance through improved communication and learning in the firms, and by cooperation with firms in the building sector on joint research projects.

The overall aim of this research group is to contribute to a significant increase in productivity in all phases of the building process. It includes the following objectives:

  • To establish concepts and tools, to put forward hypotheses and to develop methods to analyze major factors influencing the development of productivity in the building process.

  • To contribute to enhanced visibility of productivity in the building process.

  • To identify processes with a potential for a substantial development in productivity.

  • To participate in projects as a catalyst for development and to provide thoroughly substantiated documentation of the effect of initiatives.

Materials and Components

Research on materials and components is conducted to determine the properties of materials, i.e. strength, moisture properties, and durability and to develop a basis for testing, labeling and using building products.

Research activities in the area of materials and components were reorganized in the spring of 2000. Part of the research activities from the research groups "Wall and glass structures" and "Methods for condition surveys and durability assessment" will be continued and concluded within the new research area.

Research activities focus on:

Wood in Buildings:  Development of a basis for more efficient use of wood in buildings. For this purpose, an improved basis will be established for describing strength properties of wood, including the effect of load duration in order to provide an improved basis for determining reliability.

New Materials:  Investigation of the use of new materials (composite materials, glass, and new plastic and insulating materials) for buildings.

Non-traditional Insulating Materials:  Development of an improved basis for the use of non-traditional insulating materials, e.g. wool, flax, hemp or granulated paper, by establishing a model for mechanical properties of materials and through laboratory experiments with wall solutions with non-traditional insulation materials.

Building Design and Technology

The purpose of this research group is to develop methods for assessing construction including details of buildings (bathrooms, roofs, and walls), so that the quality of different details is made visible. Another purpose is to disseminate examples of details with well-documented properties regarding safety, moisture and durability.

This research group was established in the beginning of 2000. Specific research aims will be further specified. A number of activities from the previous research areas "Wall and glass structures" and "Methods for condition surveys and durability assessments" will be continued within this new research group.

Research will focuses on how to improve the quality of building technology, including how to reduce the extent of building damages. It is the aim to develop quality criteria for details and to contribute to the elaboration of examples of good details where the risk of building defects is reduced. To this end, the following activities will be implemented:

  1. Revision of a DBUR publication for single family houses.

  2. Publication of proposals for new solutions with highly reduced heat loss.

  3. Publication of results from the investigation on wind damage.

  4. Introduction of a basis for a European collaborative effort for utilizing
    glass in buildings.

  5. Introduction of proposals to convert knowledge about building defects
    into improved building practice.

Contact Information

By og Byg
P. O. Box 119
Dr. Neergaards Vej 15
DK-2970 Hørsholm
Telephone: +45 4586 5533
Fax: +45 4586 7535
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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