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Danish Center for Building Information

Danish Center for Building Information Logo

Byggecentrum's main purpose is to spread information about construction, energy, and environmental issues within the construction industry in Denmark, primarily to professionals, companies, and public institutions. Byggecentrum in Denmark provides a wide range of activities:

Communication Services

Through this range of activities, Byggecentrum offers to carry out integrated communication and information tasks for its clients. The communication services content coordination of information and marketing campaigns, as well as individual information activities such as administration and distribution of brochures, exhibitions, advertising and press campaigns, and other constancy services.


Byggecentrum Bookshop specializes in extensive literature about architecture, construction, and other technical issues. Furthermore, the bookshop carries out various marketing activities and administrates a number of subscriptions on behalf of different publishers.

NCS-Color System

The NCS (Natural Color System) is a language describing and denoting colors as they are perceived by man. NSC is a standardized and logical color system, and, with NCS color sample, one has an efficient tool for working with colors. (Byggecentrum has the exclusive right of sale for NCS in Denmark.)


Byggecentrum publishes and distributes BYGGEDATA, a 7,000 page manual containing a complete up-date of all laws, regulations, and technical knowledge concerning the construction of buildings in Denmark. BYGGEDATA is also available on CD-ROM.


Byggecentrum has established a Web-community, BygNet, with construction related information based on the professional user's requirements. Easily accessible product information, publications, news, and tenders can be found and used directly. The focus on frequent updates constantly provides users with the latest information. The Web address is .

Exhibitions of Construction Products

With one exhibition in Copenhagen (Ballerup) and one in Middelfart, Byggecentrum provides a forum for both professionals and private citizens to view different building and construction products. Altogether, the exhibitors represent the total expertise and specialized knowledge within the construction industry in Denmark.

Furthermore, the exhibitions contain a Product Information Service with hand-outs of more than 1,200 different product brochures.

In Copenhagen (Ballerup), there are approximately 150 exhibitors in a 3,000 sq. meter indoor exhibition area.

In Middelfart (on the Funen Island), there are approximately 350 exhibitors. The exhibition contains a 2,300 sq. meter indoor area and a 15,000 sq. meter outdoor exhibition showing the latest in holiday cottages, winter gardens, and various outdoor equipment for gardens and terraces.

In-service Training and Courses

Byggecentrum provides expertise and updated knowledge concerning construction and planning within the sector. The organization develops and carries out in-service training to professionals through a variety of post-graduate courses, seminars, conferences, and meetings.

Conference Center

The Conference and Training Center of Byggecentrum in Middelfart offers a professional and modern environment for holding arrangements, conferences, courses, and meetings. The Conference Center provides a unique teaching ambiance and full board accommodations for up to 180 persons at a time.
The Conference Center has a professional staff that handles all planning and practical arrangements concerning courses, seminars, conferences, and meetings. The staff is used to dealing with new demands and changes of programs. The restaurant kitchen prepares menus of modern and healthy food of high quality.

Byggecentrum - An Independent Institution

Byggecentrum is a non-profit independent institution established in 1956 by the Danish Ministry of Housing. Byggecentrum doesn't receive state aid, but offers services on a charge-basis. Byggecentrum is a member of UICB (the International Union of Building Centers).

Contact Information

Lautrupvang 1 B,
DK-2750 Ballerup
Telephone: +45 7012 0600
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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