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Building Research Establishment Logo Building Research Establishment (BRE)


BRE is the United Kingdom's leading center of expertise on buildings, construction, energy, environment, fire and risk. We provide research-based consultancy, testing and certification services to customers world-wide.

BRE is owned by the Foundation for the Built Environment (FBE), a registered charity with a mission to champion excellence and innovation in the built environment.

The construction industry must design, build and maintain structures that satisfy the clients' needs for quality, safety, sustainability and best value. Failure to correctly address these issues is currently costing the industry an estimated £2.5 billion per year.

BRE's experience in construction, expertise in testing and involvement in UK and European standards means that we can provide you with a comprehensive and integrated range of services that cover all stages of the construction life cycle.

BRE gives developers, building owners, facilities managers, architects and designers the ability to create indoor and outdoor environments that are comfortable, productive, safe and healthy.

BRE provides both specific advice and integrated solutions for everything from developing on brownfield sites to office lighting technologies.

Managing buildings, people and infrastructure can be fraught with unexpected costs and problems. BRE can help you to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Better buildings and infrastructure can be built faster and with less waste using BRE tools such as CALIBRE and SMARTWaste.

We provide details of the costs and performance of a built asset over its lifetime and offer a wide range of PFI services.

Sustainability is not just about being green  - it's also about a better, healthier, more rewarding and more efficient built environment for the people living and working there.

The business benefits of operating more sustainably are increasingly apparent and important to remaining competitive. BRE services can enable you to gain the benefits of sustainability.

We can help with every aspect from the concept and design of a building or structure, through its operation - use of energy etc - and refurbishment, to its final demolition and disposal.

Fire and security hazards in buildings can cost lives, and cause injuries and severe economic and environmental damage. BRE can assess these hazards, predict the risks and deliver practical solutions.

BRE's services include:

fire and explosion testing of products, materials and systems to international standards

assessing the risks from a wide range of natural and man-made perils

forensic reconstruction and investigations.

Contact Information

Switchboard: 01923 664000
Postal Address:
Building Research Establishment
Garston, Watford WD24 9XX
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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