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Building Research Association of New Zealand Logo Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ)


The Building Research Association of New Zealand Incorporated and its associated companies are the building and construction industry's research, testing, consulting, and technology transfer organizations, established to meet the needs of the industry through the services they offer.

The Building Research Association of New Zealand Incorporated (BRANZ Inc.) is an industry association, wholly owned and governed by the New Zealand building and construction industry. The BRANZ Inc. Board is made up of nominees from a wide range of industry organizations.


The mission statement of BRANZ Inc. is 'Creating New Zealand's building and construction knowledge base'. The resources which enable the association to pursue this goal are:

  • the Building Research Levy (collected under the Building Research Levy Act 1969),

  • one third ownership of Construction Information Ltd, and

  • 100% ownership of BRANZ Ltd.


BRANZ was established as an incorporated society in 1969, and began operating in 1970. BRANZ's aim was to deliver new knowledge required by the industry. In the early days it was set up as a partnership between the building and construction sector and Government. At this time, one third of the Board members were appointed through Government. BRANZ was funded by the Building Research Levy (imposed at the request of the industry) and by a direct Government grant.


BRANZ's partnership with Government ended in the 1980s, at which time the Government grant also ceased. Today the Government has no direct involvement with the appointment of the BRANZ Inc. Board. BRANZ Inc. has its offices at Judgeford, near Wellington, alongside the BRANZ Ltd. offices and laboratories.

Contact Information

Office: Moonshine Road, Judgeford, Porirua City
Post: Private Bag 50908, Porirua City, New Zealand
Telephone: 64 4 237 1170
Fax: 64 4 237 1171
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/14/2003

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