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Australian Building Energy Council Logo Australian Building Energy Council (ABEC)


The vision of ABEC is to act as a peak strategic body articulating the views of the Building and Construction Industry on energy related matters which will foster an industry-driven move towards developing world best practice in the management of greenhouse gas emissions.


The mission of ABEC is to ensure the better economic performance of the Industry through the introduction of a range of energy related programs which produce measurable outcomes in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


In order to achieve its mission, the objectives of ABEC are to:

  • Focus activities on industry-driven energy performance standards for both the commercial/industrial and residential sectors of the Industry through the production of a voluntary code of practice for reducing Industry greenhouse gas emissions ("ABEC Code of Practice");
  • Provide governments with a better appreciation of the optimum energy standards which will be acceptable and achievable by Industry;
  • Promote awareness within the Industry and with clients and consumers of the benefits of lifecycle costing so that the concept of constructing well performing buildings is accepted as the norm;
  • Promote a holistic approach to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that there is consistency between the Federal Government's greenhouse gas policy and its broader policy agenda relating to Australia's taxation legislation and other Industry-related policy;
  • Prepare, approve and accredit an appropriate energy related education regime within the Industry;
  • Raise the profile of ABEC's activities by showcasing pilot projects which will demonstrate the feasibility of innovative energy systems and practices;
  • In collaboration with other organizations, formulate a methodology for measuring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the various Industry initiatives;
  • Provide a greater interchange between the research community and Industry so as to ensure that the research work which is undertaken is of greater relevance for the community's requirements;
  • Formulate an agreed Industry awareness program to engender greater Industry familiarity with energy-related issues;
  • Consult widely with government, supporting organizations and the Industry in the implementation of campaigns and activities;
  • Provide Code of Practice compliance guidance to the Industry;
  • Demonstrate to the community that Industry building practices meet Code of Practice requirements.

Contact Information

David A. Hood
Executive Director
Australian Building Energy Council
Level 3 217 Northbourne Ave
Turner ACT 2612
Telephone: 0500 543 345
Fax: 02 6259 9496
Mobile: 0408 487 498
ACN 085 287 350

Content updated on 9/21/2005

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