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Spring 2003

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PATH Quarterly

Spring 2003

PATH Blazing

Wanted: Visionaries for Whole House Roadmapping Process

Are you interested in the future of housing? Would you like to contribute to a vision of "Building Better Homes Faster and at Lower Cost?" Manufacturers, builders, academics, and others with good ideas are all invited to contribute to the next phase of the PATH Whole House Roadmapping process. Send an email to indicating your interest in becoming involved, and we'll follow up with the details.

Review the progress report from year one.

Set a Course for Energy Efficiency

Help set priorities for the PATH Technology Roadmap on Energy Efficiency in Existing Housing (EEEH). The last session of the EEEH "Roadmapping" group created a series of eight strategies for implementation along with related activities. Add your suggestions on how to move energy efficiency programs forward with this easy to use web-based prioritization tool. It should take about 10 minutes.

Open Review Through April: Manufactured Housing Roadmap

The Technology Roadmap for Manufactured Housing is now available for review. This document proposes a research program that will generate the knowledge and innovations necessary to accomplish two objectives considered crucial to the future of the manufactured housing industry: continually improving the industry's core product, the single-family home; and expanding the benefits of manufactured housing to other housing types.

You're invited to submit your comments on this roadmap via facsimile at (212) 496-5389 or email them to Please send by April 30, 2003. Additionally, you can volunteer to serve on one of the five committees that are forming to describe research needs in each of the five topic areas of the roadmap document. Committee members will help generate and evaluate ideas for specific research projects in their topic area.

Content updated on 8/2/2004

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