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Emerging Scanning Results

PATH's inventory of Emerging Scanning Results is a resource for manufacturers currently in the building industry and those who see home building as a growth opportunity. It is intended to be a living electronic document that informs and educates manufacturers who have a stake or interest in the four technology roadmaps identified as the first priorities under PATH. 

The items on this inventory are often in their earliest stages of development or are being used in another industry and would need significant modification to be useful for home building. Manufacturers are encouraged to submit additional information to PATH in order to keep this inventory up to date. As these products or technologies move toward the development stage specific to home building, they will be migrated to the PATH Technology Inventory and will also become candidates for PATH field evaluations.  

Construction Drying Systems

Construction Robotics

Electro Textiles

Electro-Osmotic De-Moisturizing (EODM) Technology *NEW*

Formed in Place Gasketing

Intumescent Fire Resistant Systems Paint


Nano Coatings and Powders

Nanotechnology Based Solar Cells

Pre-finished Composite Materials

Radio Frequency Identification Devices

Remote Construction Monitoring System

Skateboard Chassis for Utility Integration

Soy-Based Roof Coating

Surface Engineered Polymers

Transparent Ceramics

Ultra Thin Flat Wiring

Woven Strapping Materials

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Content updated on 6/17/2003

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