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Emerging Scanning Results: Woven Strapping Materials

PATH Roadmap Applicability:


Advanced Panelized Construction


Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes


Information Technology


Whole House & Building Process Redesign


What if you had a material that was strong, flexible, came in a roll, and you could use it for nearly anything (no, its not duct tape)? Polyester and similar woven materials provide these characteristics and more. 

Potential uses of woven and non-woven materials in homebuilding could include use of these products as hangers for plumbing or ductwork, or depending on the tensile strength and durability, they may be useful to structurally tie a building together. For example, they may be a suitable alternative to metal tie downs or they could supplement the structural integrity of the building if wrapped around the building as strips or sheets. 

Polyester strapping material Photo courtesy of CordStrap, LLC

Polyester strapping material is used to wrap bundles of lumber.

Application to PATH Roadmaps

Woven and non-woven materials are most applicable to the Wholehouse Roadmap and, to a lesser extent, to the Advanced Panel Roadmap. Use of fabrics or polyester strapping could have multiple uses for structural and non-structural purposes in Whole House "systems" approaches. They could also be used for the bundling and connection of Advanced Panel products.

Current Status of Technology

Polyester strapping is a commercially-available product. Polyester strapping is used as an alternative to metal strapping for bundling construction materials during distribution and job-site delivery. According to the manufacturer, polyester strapping is also used in some agricultural applications to secure vines and other plants and keep them off the ground. The product can be woven or non-woven and can be manufactured to meet a wide range of tensile strength requirements.

Contact Information

Ken Plakmeyer
CordStrap, LLC
Grant, MI

Content updated on 4/13/2004

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