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Emerging Scanning Results: Construction Drying Systems

PATH Roadmap Applicability:


Advanced Panelized Construction


Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes


Information Technology


Whole House & Building Process Redesign


Munters provides a desiccant-based construction drying system. Munters ends construction site moisture problems with dehumidification, instead of dangerous propane heaters or the building's A/C system. Munters' dehumidifiers continuously replace humid air inside the building with air which has been dehumidified. This extremely dry air has a low "vapor pressure." As a result it attracts moisture molecules from wet surfaces - such as recently poured concrete, joint compound, freshly painted walls, stored building materials, etc. - allowing them to dry at an accelerated rate. Munters provides a turnkey moisture reduction and management process for the builder during critical construction phases. Munters provides a desiccant dehumidifier to the job site and temporary ductwork to run throughout the construction project. Accelerating the drying of such products as concrete, joint compound, and paint reduces overall construction cycle time. 

Construction drying system According to project manager, Corey Taylor, maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels through use of the HVAC system during construction in winter can prove difficult. "In the Austin area, running the heating unit to control humidity is tricky because there are many days when it is not cold and heat makes it uncomfortable to work. As a result, the workers open the windows," Taylor said. "If the heat isn't running, the indoor areas become humid. Should a cold front arrive, that humidity condenses on the floor and walls."

Application to PATH Roadmaps

Construction drying systems relate closely to the PATH program goals on durability and energy and environmental performance. These goals are captured in the Whole House and Building Process Redesign roadmap as well as the Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes roadmap, particularly as it related to mold abatement and mitigation. 

Current Status of Technology

Most of Munters' dehumidification business in the U.S. is in the area of commercial and industrial buildings. With the growing concern over mold and mildew in new residential construction, this may be a technology that could assist builders in sufficiently reducing interior moisture levels in building materials to eliminate the growth of mold or mildew. 

Contact Information

Chris Cortinas
Account Manager
Munters Corporation
301 30th St., NE
Auburn, WA 98002
Phone: (253) 859-6340
Fax: (253) 859-8910
Web Address:

Content updated on 4/5/2004

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