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Project Chronology

Demonstration Site: Habitat for Humanity - New York City

July 2002 - PATH met with HfHnyc staff on scope of potential projects. Brooklyn project already underway.

August 2002 - Approved as Level 1 PATH demonstration; three sites in New York City: Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan. PATH proposed changes to Brooklyn HVAC, insulation, window, lighting, and appliance specifications.

September 2002 - HFHnyc received proposed co-funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) specifically for the ENERGY STAR ® rating. PATH held in-field two-day training for subcontractors, staff, and volunteers on insulation and air-sealing techniques. Americorps volunteers and HfHnyc staff carried training on to volunteers.

October 2002 - PATH suggested final sizing and specifications for heating and DHW system that included sealed combustion boiler and indirect domestic hot water storage.

November 2002 - PATH reviewed specifications for Bronx rowhouses for value engineering, energy efficiency, comfort, and durability.

December 2002 - Found lighting supplier in neighborhood that provides New York State ENERGY STAR lighting for Brooklyn rowhouses.

January 2003 - After the Martin Luther King Birthday Weekend Build, tested two nearly complete homes for ENERGY STAR rating. Buildings performed well in blower door tests, better than needed for ENERGY STAR certification. Read the detailed January 2003 update.

February 2003 - PATH sent out a progress report on the Willoughby/Marcus Garvey homes; discussed the results of the ENERGY STAR testing and areas in need of further improvement.

March 2003 - Construction of the Willoughby/Marcus Garvey homes nearing completion.

April 2003 - PATH scheduled a meeting with HfHnyc, the general contractor, subcontractor, architect, and engineer on the Bronx site to ensure that buildings would meet ENERGY STAR standards. PATH met with: the new Director of Construction and Real Estate for HfHnyc, Jeff Murphy; the architect; and the Executive Director of the 150th Street Bronx town home project. Shell was up and basically watertight. Application of brick veneer begins and sewer work was underway. HfH rough frames the first and second floor of many units.

May 2003 - PATH met with HfHnyc on-site in Brooklyn to perform a blower door test.

July 2003 - PATH made an agreement with Habitat to act as ENERGY STAR Rater/Provider for their Brooklyn Homes. PATH provided detailed analysis of HfH Harlem condos. PATH attended meeting with HfH Board, construction staff, and ultimate homeowners of their ENERGY STAR Model Home in Brooklyn. PATH worked with NYSERDA, HfH, and others to put together the open house event on August 9th for the Willoughby/Marcus Garvey Homes.

August 2003 - Dedication of Willoughby/Marcus Garvey Homes held on August 9th. PATH tested homes for ENERGY STAR certification. PATH made a QC visit to Bronx site; many of the technologies and practices, particularly rigid insulation to reduce thermal bridging, had been adopted by HfH-NYC.

September 2003 - On September 6th, the dedication of last 12 of 20 homes was held. PATH tested the remainder of the Brooklyn homes for ENERGY STAR certification on September 8th.

November/ December 2003 -- Homes received temporary certificates of occupancy and homeowners began to move in.

January/ February 2004 -- 30 days lists were submitted by homeowners and punchlist work began. Meanwhile Habitat staff was trying to push for permanent certificates of occupancy so all houses can be closed.

September 2004 -- All punchlist items were resolved and permanent certificates of occupancy were received for all 20 houses. With hard work from the Habitat staff and generous donations from local law firms, 19 out of 20 houses were closed and full responsibility was given to the homeowners.

Content updated on 9/13/2005

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