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Getting Building Technology Accepted: Developing and Deploying New Building Technologies

[IMAGE: A new or innovative product or technology can only achieve market success if it meets building codes, standards, and regulations.]

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November 2002, 36 pages

Building technology developers: plan before you leap.

Regulatory activities can have a big impact on new building technology research, development, and deployment, but building technology developers are not always aware of them. Without this information, developers may devote considerable resources to R&D, only to discover too late that the technology does not meet building regulations and therefore must be tested, retested, or redesigned.

This publication discusses the importance of considering building codes and regulations when implementing a new building technology. The first section highlights the benefits of researching building codes and standards before creating products. The second section provides an overview of building regulations, standards, and model building codes. The third section discusses activities to develop and implement a successful technology acceptance plan that accounts for building standards and codes throughout the planning process.

Key Findings:

  • Developers should not overlook the vital role of codes and standards in the technology development process.
  • Companies that incorporate knowledge of existing regulations into the earlier stages of their development will succeed in promoting their products faster than those that do not.

Recommendations: [IMAGE: This report helps developers and proponents of innovative building products more effectively plan for and address technology acceptance and approval.]

  • Adopt a development strategy that constantly accounts for codes and regulations that may slow or stop a new product's progress.

Content updated on 8/2/2007

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