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Winter 2003

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PATH Quarterly

Winter 2003

From the PATH Press

"Durability By Design: A Guide for Residential Builders and Designers"

In 2002, PATH published "Durability By Design: A Guide for Residential Builders and Designers," a 76-page manual written by NAHB Research Center and featured in the December 2002 issue of PROFESSIONAL BUILDER magazine. The authors aim to raise awareness of building durability as a design consideration in housing. The manual covers basic concepts of durability and recommended practices to address problems such as moisture management, ultraviolet protection, insects, decay, corrosion, and natural hazards. The manual also discusses serviceability issues related to normal wear-and-tear, aesthetics, and functions not immediately associated with durability.

Read the manual.

Read the article in PROFESSIONAL BUILDER Magazine.

Content updated on 7/10/2003

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