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Winter 2003

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PATH Quarterly

Winter 2003

Funding News

HUD Calls for Proposals for Major Research Projects by Small Businesses

HUD has issued a Request for Proposals (number R-CHI-00677) to support PATH in five areas:

1. Creating Whole House System Solutions

2. Durability/Moisture: Applying System Solutions

3. Whole House Research: Disentangling Utilities

4. Wall Panels Benchmark and Performance Requirements

5. Tools for Streamlining the Code Enforcement Documentation and Communication Process

Proposals are due on or about February 13, 2003.

Learn more about the call for proposals.

HUD Releases New Proposal Guidelines

On December 12, 2002, HUD released guidelines for submitting proposals to a new PATH grant program called Competitive Technology Development. This program was formed from two previous programs, the PATH Cooperative Research Program (PATHCoRP) and HUD Cooperative Agreements for PATH.

Learn more about the guidelines and previous grants.

Content updated on 7/10/2003

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