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February 29, 2008

Green Roofs Added to PATH Tech Inventory

Living roofs may be appropriate for nearly all climates of the United States

Green roofs, also called living or planted roofs, are one of the latest additions to the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing's (PATH) Technology Inventory.

Green roofs are one of the latest additions to the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing’s Technology Inventory. Image courtesy U.S. Department of Agriculture.The systems of living plants and vegetation, which are installed on the roof of an existing or new structure, can reduce stormwater runoff, and protect the roof from extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, and harsh weather conditions. Reducing daily temperature swings also decreases the amount of expansion and contraction of the roof waterproofing membrane, prolonging its life.

Already common in Europe and in the U.S. in commercial applications, green roof systems consist of four basic components: a waterproofing layer, a drainage layer, a growing medium, and vegetation. Some green roofs also include root retention and irrigation systems, but these are not essential.

The PATH Technology Inventory lists more than 180 technologies -- including many green housing technologies from advanced framing techniques to white LED lighting -- that demonstrate great potential for improving housing performance, but have not been widely accepted. The inventory focuses on a wide range of technologies, from new materials, components and systems to complete houses. Visit to get a full tour of the Technology Inventory.

Content updated on 7/20/2009

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