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Factory-Built Construction and the American Homebuyer: Perceptions and Opportunities

June 2007

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Learn about your clients.

As part of its mission to promote affordable housing options, HUD sponsored this study to learn what American consumers think of site-built, modular, manufactured, and panelized housing. The report findings are based on almost 13,000 survey responses nationwide.

The report offers valuable information that can be used when marketing all four types of homes. The Marketing Recommendations section, beginning on page 48, provides specific marketing strategies based on the survey results.

For example, pictures of homes being built in the factory dissuade potential buyers, but text describing the benefits of constructing homes in a controlled factory setting will boost your chances of a sale. Pictures are beneficial later in the game. Providing side-by-side final product photographs of site-built homes and panelized or modular homes helps you overcome negative consumer misconceptions of the look and quality of panelized and modular construction methods.

[IMAGE: Modular home being set.]

While the marketing strategies are geared toward panelized, modular, and manufactured homebuilders, Appendix A is useful to site builders as well. Tables summarizing the survey results, e.g., "Likelihood to consider purchasing modular homes by census region (A-77)," will help you target your demographic and develop marketing materials based on current consumer attitudes about whatever housing type you're offering.

Content updated on 12/6/2007

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