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HUD Welcomes Families to Multi-Cultural, Innovative Development

Liberty Village to offer affordable, efficient homes in culturally diverse community

Lincoln, NE -- When Truc Pham emigrated from Vietnam to New Orleans, he thought he had found a stable home for his family. But when Hurricane Katrina demolished his home there, they once again found themselves displaced. Today, the Trucs and many other families have finally found the safe and secure home they've been looking for--in Lincoln, Nebraska.

[IMAGE: Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy recognizes HUD Assistant Secretary of Policy Development and Research Dr. Darlene F. Williams in recognition of HUD's participation in Liberty Village.] Built by Brighton Construction through the HUD-administered Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), Liberty Village is one of the most culturally unique and technologically innovative communities in the country. The homes are built to accommodate the lifestyle needs of a variety of non-native cultures. Features include vented range hoods for Vietnamese families, sleep-out balconies for those used to roof-top outdoor entertainment in the Middle East; and kitchens separated from the living area, the preference of most cultures outside North America.

Cutting-edge building materials and techniques add to Liberty Village's pioneering character. Each of the homes incorporates innovations from three PATH Tech Sets-bundled building technologies that create a more efficient, high-quality structure. Windows, air-conditioning, insulation, weather barriers, framing, foundation and all other aspects of the house work together to provide residents with a durable, energy efficient home.

"In Liberty Village, HUD has created the ultimate blueprint for providing a stable home for Nebraska's and America's changing demographics," said HUD HUD Assistant Secretary of Policy Development and Research Dr. Darlene F. Williams. "The dedication of Liberty Village in June-National Homeowner Month-is emblematic of our goal to help more than 5 million minorities buy homes by the end of the decade. With this project, we see a path for more members of our society to fulfill their dream of homeownership."

"Serving the multicultural market involves more than hiring bilingual sales agents and translating a few documents," said Fernando Pagés Ruiz, president of Brighton Construction. "It means understanding that not all American dreams look alike: different cultures want strikingly different styles of housing."

The Federal and local government provided the funding and technical expertise necessary to build Liberty Village. PATH research enabled the homes to be affordable and high quality while HUD's Community Development Block Grants helped fund them. Additional support was provided by the City of Lincoln, which helped residents acquire the homes and provided down payment assistance.

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Content updated on 6/2/2008

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