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Concept Home Omaha Considers a Sustainable Future

Hampton Roads, Spring 2007
The PATH Concept Home, now under construction in Omaha, Nebraska, is a 2,000-square-foot bungalow that combines innovative products and systems with traditional design elements. Being built to serve as a national model of housing innovation, the Concept Home is following LEED for Homes guidelines and will be certified by both Environments for Living and ENERGY STAR Homes.

Plumbing's Next Generation

Professional Remodeler, February 2007
Dealing with the challenges of plumbing during a remodel can be a major hassle. What options do remodelers have when faced with unmoveable walls or tight corners? Home-run plumbing, with PEX piping and a central manifold, can speed the job and decrease inconvenience to homeowners and remodelers alike.

PATH Report: Tax Credits Helps Builders

Professional Builder, February 2007
Uncle Sam wants you to build energy-efficient homes-and he's willing to pay you $2,000 per house to do it. This is a tax credit, not a deduction, which means you get a full $2,000 per home. During this housing slowdown, every little way to cut costs and improve marketability helps. The federal tax credit not only puts money in your pocket but helps you build energy-efficient homes.

Force of Nature: When Disaster Strikes, Be Ready

Her Home, Winter 2007
Time and effort toward a few upgrades for your home now-whether new construction or retrofits-will be more than worth it if a future weather event puts your home to the test. A few ideas include a peel-and-stick roof membrane, durable storm shutters, impact-resistant windows, out-swinging doors, and hurricane ties.

PATH Report: Wind Power Generators for the Home

Professional Builder, January 2007
Wind power is the world's fastest-growing energy technology. Could it be too futuristic or expensive for builders and homeowners? With volatile energy prices and concerns about energy dependence, the answer may surprise you.

Mold-Free Remodels

Professional Remodeler, January 2007
Mold damage can be costly, so controlling moisture is key. Mold problems-and solutions-are rooted in the design, construction and operation of buildings. Several easy building practices and technologies can keep homes mold-free. A new publication from PATH, “Moisture-Resistant Homes,” offers guidance to curb causes of mold.

New Ways of Thinking: The PATH Concept Home

Builder/Architect, December 2006
Homeowners and families grow and evolve over time. Now there's hope that the homes they depend on can evolve with them with features such as flexible floor plans, organized utility cores, quick-connect plumbing fixtures and more.

Top Building Technologies of 2006

Professional Builder, December 2006
Despite the slow sales for many traditional builders, builders who have adopted new building science technologies see a brighter market. In the past year, PATH has met many builders who have increased their business by using factory-built systems or manufactured components to improve the building envelope. This article gives Professional Builder and PATH's take on the top building technologies of 2006.

Open a Faucet of Revenue

Professional Remodeler, December 2006
Bathroom remodels can reap rewards beyond resale value. Consumers can improve comfort and nip a possible mold issue in the bud. A drafty bathroom is an uncomfortable one. So is a humid bathroom, which can lead to mold. Prevent or solve these problems in three easy steps: seal air leaks, insulate and ventilate.

CSST Opens Markets for HVAC Contractors

PHC News, November 2006
In a challenging market, one way to stay ahead of the competition is to switch from conventional steel pipe to corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) flex pipe for running gas lines. This will cut installation time in half without compromising quality, allowing a more competitive bid.

Ecospotlight: Home of the Future

Ecological Homes, Fall 2006
A new vision for home building is budding in Omaha, Nebraska, as builder Fernando Pages Ruiz and his crew at Brighton Construction take on the first demonstration of the PATH Concept Home. Chock full of innovations and efficiency, the home promises to change the way we think about change-at least in the home.

Content updated on 4/11/2007

PATH Quarterly, Spring 2007
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