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PATH Manufactured Homes Publications

Air of Importance: A Study of Air Distribution Systems in Manufactured Homes May 1996
This study analyzed the performance of air distribution systems in 24 manufactured homes in Alabama, Florida, New York, and North Carolina, and compared them with the results of 9 homes built to the more stringent MAP specifications and tested previously in the state of Washington.

Alternatives for Minimizing Moisture Problems in Homes Located in Hot, Humid Climates: Interim Report January 2003
This document reports on the findings from an effort to examine manufactured homes in the Gulf Coast area, gather information on condensation-related moisture problems in those homes, and determine the contributing factors to those problems.

Attic Ventilation Design Strategies for Manufactured Homes October 2002
A literature search and review was conducted to investigate attic ventilation design strategies for manufactured homes. The research concluded that homes in the hot, humid climate may benefit the most from alternate attic design strategies, including an unvented attic design.

Building Innovation for Homeownership April 1998
Outlines 63 award-winning housing projects that meet the Building Innovation for Homeownership program criteria.

Design for a Cold-Formed Steel Framed Manufactured Home March 2002
This technical support document summarizes the results of the first phase of a multiphase effort to assess viability of substituting steel for wood as the structural skeleton of homes built under the HUD manufactured home standards.

Eliminating Barriers to the Use of HUD-Code Housing in Attached Construction September 2003
The research reported in this document was predicated on the supposition that increasing the level of industrialization in residential construction is one of the most effective strategies for improving home affordability. The purpose of the study was to explore how the cost of single-family attached construction might be reduced by building with one of the most cost-efficient building elements available in industrialized housing: the HUD-code home.

Guide to Foundation and Support Systems for Manufactured Homes March 2002
This guide helps decision makers in formulating a strategy for sorting among foundation and support system alternatives and describes factors that impact the design and construction process. The guide also exposes the manufactured housing industry and buyers to some of the more popular and practical ways of designing and installing manufactured home foundation or support systems.

Home Builders' Guide to Manufactured Housing May 2000
This Guidebook provides conventional builders and land developers with an introduction to manufactured housing, focusing on differences between manufactured and conventional homes that are likely to be encountered in practice. The guide also covers finding a manufacturer, developing product specifications, potential contractual arrangements, local zoning and land-use planning considerations, installation and foundation options, site-built improvements, regulatory issues, and consumer financing.

Improving Air Distribution Systems (ADS) Performance in Manufactured Homes January 2003
This report documents visits by building scientists to 16 manufactured home plants to develop and demonstrate techniques to build tighter duct systems and to train production personnel in these techniques

Innovations at the Cutting Edge--New Ideas in Manufactured Housing August 1999
Manufactured housing is produced by an industry that has long accepted a wide variety of innovations and new technologies. There is no question that the industry will continue to change and evolve, but whether that evolution follows the new paths broken by some of the more radical designs and products illustrated herein depends upon whether the industry leaders agree with this argument. This book provides a preview of possible coming attractions.

Manufactured Home Installation Training Manual
This manual lays out all the issues that need to be considered while installing a HUD-Code home. It addresses the installation of both new and used homes, and its chapters follow the steps commonly taken to install such a home. The narrative discusses relevant issues in objective detail and emphasizes the reasons for a specific procedure.

Manufactured Home Producer's Guide to the Site-Built Market January 2000
The goal of this guidebook is to encourage partnerships between manufactured housing producers (MHPs) and site builders/developers to construct affordable homes that combine the best of both worlds.

Manufactured Homes: Saving Money by Saving Energy August 2005
This practical guide is comprised of energy-saving tips, techniques, and recommendations for owners of manufactured (mobile) homes.

Moisture Problems in Manufactured Homes January 2000
This manual is designed to assist manufacturers, retailers, set-up crews, and homeowners to recognize and solve moisture problems in manufactured homes. It reviews the symptoms of typical problems, outlines preventive measures, and provides solutions pertinent to home design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance.

New Ideas in Manufactured Housing

Next Generation of Manufactured Housing: Design Phase April 1997
This report from HUD's Next Generation of Manufactured Housing (NextGen) project presents two designs for HUD Code manufactured housing that reduce costs by incorporating innovative methods, materials, and systems. The NextGen project seeks to identify alternative methods, materials, and building systems for manufactured homes by working with an industry advisory group and other experts.

NextGen House Final Report
By its retail price and final installed cost, the NextGen HUD-Code house demonstrates it is both attractive and affordable to potential buyers.

Northridge Earthquake Effect on Manufactured Housing in California

Opportunities to Improve Manufactured Housing Through the Use of Advanced Adhesives and Sealants
This report presents the results of an investigation into how new adhesives could be more extensively used in manufactured housing production.

Pilot Study: Applying Lean to Factory Homebuilding July 2007
Nine manufactured and modular home production plants were trained and coached in the implementation of lean production methods to their manufacturing facilities. Representatives from each plant attended a week-long training workshop on lean production conducted by the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA).

Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing

Steel Framing Prototype Development: Final Report December 2003
The research effort described in this report explores the potential of steel framing for the construction of factory built homes that conform to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code, or the International Residential Code, with the goal of developing technologies that are competitive with wood framing.

Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing March 2003
This document provides a roadmap for a research program that will generate the knowledge and innovations necessary to accomplish two objectives considered crucial to the future of the manufactured housing industry: continually improving the industry's core product, the single-family home; and expanding the benefits of manufactured housing to other housing types.

Whole House Ventilation Strategies
The purpose of this research was to provide a baseline for evaluating whole house ventilation strategies for manufactured homes.

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