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Concept Home Omaha

The plan behind the house

Model house resting on blueprintsFor most, the idea of the Concept Home coming to life is exciting enough. But for housing industry professionals and the intellectually curious, the bigger question is "how are we getting there?" Here, PATH gives you the real nitty gritty...

What's in a Concept Home? View the PATH Concept Home Design Guide [.pdf, 4 MB]. Better yet, download the plans below and share them with your builder.

What drives the Concept Home?
Review the principles behind the plans.

What is the true value of the Concept Home?
See all the scenarios demonstrating the home's worth.

Take a virtual tour of the step-by-step evolution of the Concept Home.

Ready to build?

If you're planning to build a PATH Concept Home, we'd love to hear from you!

Whether you build a Concept Home or just borrow a few components, your experience is important to us.

Your story may become the focus of a magazine article or a case study. Your comments may also be helpful to the designers of new Concept Homes.

View the plans in PDF:

View the plans as CAD drawings:

Content updated on 5/26/2009

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