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PATH Case Study

Hybrid Combines the Strength of Steel with the Speed of SIPs


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"The way SIPs integrate with other building materials is another important consideration. Connection details involving the slab, roof panel, and exterior siding need to be clear and well planned out since every building component relates to another. You want a supplier of steel SIPs who has thought about these things."

"Well-documented engineering and information outlining the properties and qualities associated with steel SIPs is essential, but sometimes difficult to obtain. As a builder, you need documentation that will satisfy the structural and insulating requirements that building department officials are concerned with. We spend a lot of time working with building inspectors. Better documentation from manufacturers would make that easier."


"When using our local supplier, we allow about a 2--3 week lead time. If we were to use an out-of-state supplier, I would figure more like 2 months to avoid having a framing crew ready and waiting on panels."

Technology Highlights

This project included the following PATH-profiled technologies:

"Panels arrive to the jobsite by truck and are numbered, which helps crews place them around the slab according to the order in which they are installed. Trucking and freight costs can range from $500 to $2,500, depending on the distance they are being shipped. A typical 2,500-square-foot home can be delivered using one truck, but if you're not ordering full truckloads, freight cost per square foot will tend to be higher."

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Content updated on 9/27/2006

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