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PATH Case Study

Something Under the Sun


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"Lead-time and transportation were not a problem for us. We tried not to keep the PV panels stored on site for very long and we did our best to schedule their delivery to fit our production schedule. Ideally, we receive them, place them on the roof, and screw them down all in the same day. It's pretty seamless."

"One thing you have to be careful of is protecting the panels during the course of construction. For example, we used Visqueen to protect the panels from stucco and paint overspray."


This project included the following PATH-profiled technologies:


"Although PV systems have a high initial cost, we were able to save thousands of dollars on each house by participating in incentive programs. We saved on permit fees and were able to start construction earlier given our expedited plan check status. Equally important, we believe the long-term value of the PV systems will continue growing for our customers, especially since energy prices are slated to keep rising year after year. It's been two years since the completion of our first home, and we have yet to receive any complaints or callbacks regarding the PV systems. I don't think there is anything we would do differently next time."

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Content updated on 9/1/2006

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