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PATH Case Study

Passive and Active Solar Systems Offer Growing Niche Market


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Technology Hightlights

This project included the following PATH-profiled technologies:

  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • ICF Foundation
  • Photovoltaic System:
    3 KWh, Sharp Solar Panels

    3.5 KWh Inverter, Alpha Technologies

    EL-Cell Batteries

SIPs Construction

• Solar Water Heater

Sprayed Foam Insulation


"We waited about two months for the panels, which worked fine with our work schedule. There is some shortage of panels, though, because of world demand. Supposedly the industry is working very hard to relieve that shortage."


"The challenges with solar and energy efficiency are not technical. We have the technology right now to save more than 50 percent of what we spend on home energy. We just need strong leadership. Many places promote and encourage solar. Some utility companies see it as a way of postponing new power plants. Distributed generation is more efficient, cleaner--and it will bring our energy dollars home to America."

"I just read an article in the March 2006 issue of Solar Today that challenges us to imagine life in 2106, what it would be like if green renewables proliferated. The environment would be better. The air would be cleaner. Health care costs would be down. It was a real positive, lifting article, a 'just do it' message. I am confident that it's going to happen."

Stitt hopes to 'zero out' his energy bill every month with his combination of energy-efficient technologies and passive and active solar systems.

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Content updated on 9/1/2006

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