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July 18, 2006

PATH-McGraw Hill Survey Explores Attitudes Towards, Challenges Surrounding Innovation

PATH and McGraw Hill Construction today released " Innovative Products & Practices in Residential New Construction", the results of a survey of 617 homebuilders on their attitudes towards innovation, its benefits and challenges, and the most valued information sources. It is the first publicly available collaboration between PATH and McGraw Hill Construction following February’s symposium on housing innovation.

The survey finds that exceeding code minimums and market expectations, as well as utilizing different materials were the most common indicators of innovative builders. Most participants reported that satisfying customer expectations and boosting their brand image were the two greatest benefits of adopting innovative practices. Challenges cited included costs and customer preferences for traditional products and practices. The survey also found that most builders receive information on innovative practices through trade journals and manufacturers. These findings are consistent with the results of a 2003 PATH study on technology diffusion among all homebuilders , as well as a survey of production builders that will be finalized this month.

PATH and McGraw Hill Construction will release four reports in the next month on innovation in the residential building industry. These will include a summary of February's symposium, an industry implementation plan, a public policy plan, and final executive summary. These reports will form the basis for PATH's future market research strategies.

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Content updated on 7/21/2006

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