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The Top Five Do-it-Now


do it now!New Construction

  1. Use whole house design.

  2. Optimize HVAC systems to lower material costs and energy bills by installing in conditioned spaces and referencing Manual J and D for appropriate HVAC size and duct design respectively.

  3. Design energy efficiency into home using orientation, roof overhangs and other basic passive solar design concepts to lower energy bills and use native landscaping to lower water and energy bills.

  4. Factory built panelization or modular construction, and advanced framing techniques such as modular layout, two-stud corners, single top plates, 24" on-center framing and insulated headers will speed construction and lower material costs, waste disposal costs and energy bills.

  5. Install PEX piping to lower installation costs and cut energy bills.

*The most important part of affordability is to not look only at up front costs, but at monthly homeownership costs.

Existing Construction overhang

  1. Use ENERGY STAR qualified products -- appliances, heating & cooling, lighting, and home electronics.

  2. Consider whole house design when building or remodeling.

  3. Use shading and overhangs to control sunlight entering the home and rainfall.

  4. Control site drainage (drain away from house) and use durable materials to reduce maintenance/proper maintenance.

  5. Use low-flow plumbing fixtures and native, water-conserving landscaping practices to reduce water bills.

Content updated on 1/11/2007

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