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From the PATH Press

Saving Money by Saving Energy in Your Manufactured (Mobile) Home
Many owners of manufactured homes are struggling to afford today's rising energy costs. HUD's new guide, "Saving Money by Saving Energy in Your Manufactured (Mobile) Home," outlines easy and inexpensive ways to help these homeowners slash their energy bills. This easy-to-use guide provides how-to instructions, and also helps homeowners determine which measures would be most cost-effective in their homes based on potential energy savings, approximate cost, and the skill level required.

Residential Panels Benchmark Requirements
This PATH report identifies the panelized wall systems currently available in the U.S. and international markets. The report describes their technical specifications, how they perform, and in which applications they are used most often. Standard performance criteria that all panelized wall systems need to meet to integrate with existing methods of construction are also described.

Residential Roofing Research Agenda
This PATH report offers a research agenda for developing residential roof systems that serve multiple functions and provide improved performance. The report covers residential single-family buildings; roofs of all ranges of pitch; and roof systems, including components and subsystems. PATH strategies aim to improve hazard mitigation, energy performance, roof functionality, environmental impact, safety, and efficiency in roof system construction.

Developing a Calculator for Evaluating Physical Design Characteristics and Whole House Performance
This PATH report outlines its first steps in developing a whole house calculator that will quantitatively assess choices available in the processes, materials, components and systems of residential construction. The tool will provide a means for calculating a whole house score, making it possible to do "what if" comparisons while planning residential construction.

Content updated on 1/4/2006

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