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Additional Roadmapping Reports

Below is a list of reports, each of which can be downloaded in PDF format, that describe the roadmapping process and background used to stimulate and organize thinking for the overall roadmapping process. To comment on these documents, visit PATH's contact pages.

Roadmap Overview and Concept Plans

Plan/Process: PATH Technology Roadmapping, January 2000 (PDF, 120 KB)
Provides a good, historical overview of the plans for the PATH technology roadmapping process.

Background Paper: PATH Technology Roadmapping, March 2000 (PDF, 551 KB)
Written as a creative thought stimulator for the initial PATH Technology Roadmapping brainstorming session in March 2000.

Background for PATH Roadmaps

Background Paper: Information Technology To Accelerate And Streamline Home Building, November 2000 (PDF, 132 KB)
Contains background about the use of information technology in the homebuilding process.

Background Paper: Whole House and Building Process Redesign, March 2001 (PDF, 133 KB)
Prepared to stimulate and organize thinking for a PATH technology roadmapping session identifying technologies associated with redesigning the entire house and/or process.

Background Paper: Energy Efficiency In Existing Homes (PDF, 307 KB)
Written to stimulate and organize thinking about technologies that could improve energy efficiency in existing homes.

Background Paper: Panelized Systems in Residential Construction, December 2000 (PDF, 109 KB)
Summarizes the current state of panelized systems in the industry and suggests thought provoking possibilities for the future.

Affiliated Roadmaps

Research and Development Needs for Structural Performance of Light-frame Residential Construction, January 2002 (PDF, 654 KB)
This report is the result of a workshop that included representatives from universities, trade associations, product manufacturers, and the government to identify critical R&D needs for structural structural performance of light-frame residential construction.

U.S. Department of Energy Technology Roadmaps
Series of technology roadmaps to anticipate opportunities and meet upcoming challenges in the building and equipment industry.

Content updated on 8/5/2004

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