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Field Evaluations are conducted to assess and evaluate PATH-identified technologies, those technologies listed in the Technology Inventory that are on the market and show potential for shaping the way America builds. PATH works with innovative builders to integrate selected technologies into the design; to measure the cost of incorporating the technologies; to evaluate how well technologies are accepted by builders, construction trade groups, and homeowners; and to measure technologies' performance.

Field Evaluations generally are limited to a few housing units and a few technologies. Larger projects fall under PATH's Demonstration Sites. Click on any of the cities below for a description of current projects, or click here to access the information using a map.

Alabama - Albertville
Warren Builders: Evaluated ducts within conditioned space and mechanical ventilation in two homes. Three different mechanical ventilation systems were installed in second home: Central Fan Integrated, Multi-Port Supply, Ventilation & Dehumidification.

Arizona - Tucson
J.W. Miller Companies, Armory Park del Sol: Monitored and evaluated energy performance of renewable energy systems.

California - San Diego
Shea Homes, Scripps Highlands: Monitored photovoltaic (PV) systems on three homes. Evaluated PV roof panels, radiant barrier roof sheathing, and hot water roof-mounted solar collectors.

Colorado - Denver
Cohen Brothers Homes: Co-monitoring whole-house fabrication system in an on-site factory, providing guidance for preparation of a quality assurance program.

Colorado - Denver
Oakwood Homes, Green Valley Ranch: Information gathered by the NAHB Research Center and the builder during this field evaluation included construction techniques; costs of labor, materials, and regulatory compliance; thermal performance, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance requirements, and home buyer reaction.

Florida - Ellenton
Kemick Construction: Installed water-cooled air conditioning unit and monitoring equipment. Evaluating water-cooled system with conventional unit, a tankless water heater in conjunction with a solar water heater, and an on-demand hot water system.

Florida - Gainesville
Madera Subdivision: The Florida Energy Extension Service is overseeing the design and development of the first eight homes of the energy and resource-efficient 88-home Madera community. Developed by GreenTrust, LLC, the homes will showcase green building technologies and will exceed ENERGY STAR ® criteria.

Hawaii - Oahu
Evaluation of Steel Clinching Tools: Identifies the potential applications, cost, and labor savings associated with clinching of cold-formed steel for home construction. Completed a project evaluation plan, and conducted initial field evaluations.

Idaho - Hailey
Farnham Construction: Evaluating performance of radiant floor heating vs. forced-air heating systems, and carbon dioxide-controlled mechanical ventilation. Heating system study complements Schenectady field evaluation effort.

Illinois - Chicago
Ventilation System Comparison: Monitor and assess the performance of three different ventilation systems in new affordable housing in South Chicago: Air Cycler system, Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), and exhaust only ventilation.

Maryland - Annapolis
Provided technical assistance to integrate a duct system within conditioned space and to air seal the units. Identified sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies to qualify home for EnergyStar program. Conducted blower door and duct blaster tests to establish HERS and EnergyStar ratings.

Maryland - Anne Arundel
Monitored aerobic wastewater treatment systems installed as retrofits to existing septic systems to determine reductions in nitrogen levels and evaluate performance.

Maryland - Bowie
MADE Homes, Research Home Park: Constructed four detached, single-family homes. Monitored moisture sensors in walls, temperature and humidity sensors, and a weather station. Conducted blower door and duct blaster tests to identify air leakage. Completed duct blaster and smoke bomb tests to identify areas needing sealant.

Maryland - La Plata
Davis Construction, Washington Square: This 80-unit senior housing development incorporated Insulating Concrete Form wall systems, fiber-cement siding, tankless water heaters, and tubular skylights.

Missouri - Mexico
Hopke Buildings and Grounds: Provided technical and installation assistance with MADE home, using a combination of ICFs and light gauge steel framing

New Hampshire - Atkinson
Steve Lewis, SLI Consulting: Assisting builder/developer with integration of low impact development, storm water, wastewater, and energy-efficient building technologies. Forwarded alternative wastewater concepts and information on tankless water heaters to project engineer for final design and permit approval.

New Mexico - Santa Fe
Chapman Homes, Rancho San Marcos: Monitored greywater and rainwater collection systems and water consumption. Conducted soil analysis.

Nevada - Henderson
Asdal Builders: Technologies chosen for this single-family home energy retrofit project included radiant barrier, white LED Lighting, programmable thermostat, super efficient refrigerator, resource efficient vertical axis clothes washer, and high efficiency air conditioner without CFCs.

Nevada - Las Vegas
Pinnacle Homes: Evaluated an evaporative condenser, which has been installed in one of three new model homes in the Clearwater Cove Development. The unit, manufactured by Freus, is a drop-in replacement for the standard SEER 10 air-cooled condenser; all other mechanical and envelope specifications of the three model homes are identical.

New Jersey - Freehold Township
K. Hovnanian Inc.: College Park Estates: Evaluated technologies in this "Idea House": frost protected shallow foundation, Dietrich TradeReady steel floor joists, stamped and pigmented concrete floor finish, HVAC equipment designed to be installed within conditioned space, and pre-finished drywall corners.

New York - Ithaca
Energy Retrofit Project: Remodeling single-family home to improve gas and electrical energy usage. Expected improvements include high efficiency gas furnace, gas tankless water heater, duct rework, increased insulation, and energy-efficient appliances.

New York - Schenectady
Habitat for Humanity: Evaluated energy consumption and operating costs in side-by-side comparision of two different types of heating systems installed in the same home. One heating system is a radiant floor design with the tubing installed below the floor, using a sealed combustion boiler. The other system is a forced air ducted design with a condensing furnace.

New York - Syracuse
Habitat for Humanity: Provided technical assistance on energy-efficiency and qualification for ENERGY STAR and NYSERDA programs.

North Carolina - Lexington
Hughes Construction: Evaluated four structural wall systems-insulated concrete forms, steel wall panels, aerated autoclaved concrete, and wood framing. Currently analyzing energy usage data and air infiltration.

North Carolina - Rougemont
Howard Building Company: A high tech home on a pastoral seven-acre site; PATH monitored the project and reported on the costs and labor efficiencies associated with Thermasteel composite panels.

North Dakota - Fargo
Eid Company, Legacy I: Providing technical assistance to resolve land planning and infrastructure issues.

Oklahoma - Mannford
Palm Harbor, Fuqua and Legacy Homes: Provided design assistance, project start-up process documentation, and outreach activities.

Pennsylvania - Gettysburg
Project start date has been indefinitely delayed.

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
Model reMODEL: evaluated the cost for materials and labor for the selected technologies in the rehab project.

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh
Consumer Market Research, Summerset: Identifies the role technologies play in buyers' decision making processes and develops materials to use in marketing innovative technologies. Developed market research plan to guide the project, convened focus groups, and distributed related consumer surveys.

Texas - Dallas
Carl Franklin Homes, Vistas at Kensington Park: Urban infill subdivision project for low-income families. Provided technical assistance and evaluated technologies: Structural Insulated Panels, geothermal heat pumps, tankless water heaters, and more.

Texas - Plano
Carl Franklin Homes, Parker Place: Evaluated cost-effectiveness and marketability of stained concrete. Analyzed performance of tankless water heater.

Virginia - Loudon County
HomeAid America: Designing septic system, and providing technical assistance on energy-efficient addition and retrofit of a domestic violence women's shelter.

Washington - Seattle
Quadrant Homes, Woodinville Lumber: Evaluated pre-engineered, wood-framed, panelized walls. Developed optimized shear wall design for seismic resistance. Monitored in--plant and on-site manufacturing to collect labor and material cost data on the new system and on the original design for comparison.

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Content updated on 12/3/2004

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