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News Archive by Date: 2000

New Protocol for Evaluation of Insulating Concrete Forms
October 3, 2000
National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NES) Building Innovation Center (BIC), with the assistance of Walker Engineering, Inc. of Birmingham AL, has developed a protocol to facilitate the evaluation and acceptance of insulating concrete form technology.

$8.4 Million in Research Grants Awarded to Improve Energy Efficiency
September 15, 2000
The Department of Energy has awarded $8.4 million in research grants to improve energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings.

PATH Funds Technology that Builds Recycled Roofing System
September 12, 2000
Thanks to PATH-funded technology, a public park in Wisconsin has a 2,000-square-foot service center for campers featuring a panelized roofing system made from a composite of recycled milk jugs, waste sawdust, and other natural fibers.

National Green Building Conference
September 7, 2000

Building America Newsletter
September 6, 2000
The inaugural edition of the Building America newsletter is available here.

Durability Workshop
September 25-26
A collection of world-class researchers convened at the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a sealant durability workshop.

Development of Evaluation Protocol for Insulating Concrete Forms is Under Way
August 14, 2000
PATH, with NES and Walker Engineering, Inc., is developing a generic evaluation protocol for insulating concrete form technology.

Conference Proceedings: The Role of Information Technology in Housing Design and Construction
August 9, 2000
Read the conference proceedings from the November 1999 meeting held to discuss the role of information technology in housing design and construction.

JLClive Features Hands-on Demonstrations
August 3, 2000
Come to JLClive and see hands-on demonstrations of the latest in advanced housing technologies and ask product manufacturers about cost and installation.

NextGen Housing is Affordable Option for Potential Buyers
July 24, 2000
The final report on the NextGen project is now available. Read how this HUD-Code house is an affordable option to a broad spectrum of potential buyers.

Report Features Annual Estimates on Selected Physical and Financial Characteristics of New Housing
July 24, 2000
Characteristics of New Housing, 1999 provides annual estimates on selected physical and financial characteristics of new housing. This 1999 annual report on the characteristics of new housing is jointly published by the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Data are obtained from the Census Bureau's Survey of Construction and the Survey of Market Absorption.

Call for Product Manufacturers to Participate in PATH's Technology Row
July 14, 2000
Product Manufacturers have a chance to participate in the PATH-sponsored Technology Row in the upcoming Journal of Light Construction event. PATH will sponsor a technology row, featuring new and emerging technologies that meet PATH's goals of improved durability, energy efficiency, environmental performance, and quality.

Roundtable Explores Housing Needs for Seniors
July 14, 2000
The Seniors and America's Homes roundtable examined how the building, remodeling, and product manufacturing communities currently address the needs of seniors and suggested ways to prepare for a future population explosion.

Second Annual Durability and Disaster Mitigation in Wood-frame Housing Conference
July 12, 2000
Share the latest information in housing durability and disaster mitigation by attending the 2nd annual Durability and Disaster Mitigation in Wood-frame Housing conference.

Guideline on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies
July 7, 2000
The Guideline on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies is a compilation of fire ratings for a wide variety of materials and assemblies found in buildings from the 19th to the mid-20th centuries.

Utility Costs Prove To Be a Burden
July 7, 2000
The PATH Energy Desk Book spotlights the heavy burden utility costs can place on affordable housing and economic development.

New Publication Seeks To Improve Structural Engineering Knowledge in Housing Design
July 3, 2000
The Residential Structural Design Guide: 2000 Edition is intended to help structural designers perform their services more effectively and assist in integrating their skills with others who contribute to the production of safe and affordable homes in the United States.

Volume 7 Rehab Guide Is Now Available
June 28, 2000
The latest volume of the Rehab Guides, called Electrical/Electronics, provides an overview and a reference resource for information about electrical/electric systems, subsystems, and materials.

EPA Software Helps Select Cost-Effective Green Building Products
EPA has released a new version of a software package for selecting cost-effective, green building products.

Subsidized Support Available for Evaluation and Assessment of Technology
June 26, 2000
A new National Evaluation Service-Building Innovation Center program will assist technology developers by providing partially subsidized support for the evaluation and assessment of their technologies.

$1.1 Million in Grants Awarded to Improve Energy-Saving and Homebuilding Technologies
June 23, 2000
PATH has announced grants totaling nearly $1.1 million for six industry projects that promise new or improved energy-saving and homebuilding technologies within 18 months.

Annual Mayors Build a Success
June 22, 2000
Nearly 60 mayors from across the country took an active role in affordable housing by putting on their tool belts for the annual Mayors Build event.

New Publications Available on Manufactured Housing
June 19, 2000
Two new reports on manufactured housing are now available:

Home Builders' Guide to Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Home Producer's Guide to the Site-Built Market

PATH Field Evaluation Updates
June 18, 2000
Read the latest updates on what PATH is doing in the field.

Takoma Village

Churchill Homes

Strivers Plaza

Homebuilding Industry To Roadmap Three Promising Housing Technology Areas
June 6, 2000
In May 2000, PATH's Industry Steering Committee designated three technology areas to be examined in detail by roadmapping task groups made up of builders, remodelers, manufacturers, and researchers. Each of the three technology areas shows high potential for big gains in many or all of the PATH goals of lower cost, higher energy efficiency and durability, lower environmental impact, improved safety, and increased resistance to natural hazards.

Hands-On BUILDER Event Held in Tucson
June 2, 2000
Advanced housing technology experts convened in Tucson, Arizona for a highly successful educational event for builders, architects, mortgage lenders and trade contractors. Read more about the Hands-on BUILDER event here.

Publication Explores Design of Lintels Using Insulating Concrete Forms
June 1, 2000
Testing and Design of Lintels Using Insulating Concrete Formssummarizes the results from a study focusing on the structural performance of concrete lintels without shear reinforcement.

PROVE Will Result in $500 Million Worth of Savings to Future Homebuyers
May 29, 2000
Construction cost savings of $500 million per year will be realized by future home buyers as a result of PROVE (the Program for Research and Optimum Value Engineering).

Innovations in Manufactured Housing
May 23, 2000
PATH is leading the way in emerging manufactured housing markets.

NES Assists Fuel Cell Industry, Addresses Technology Acceptance
January 4, 2000
The National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NES) announces implementation of a new project that will assist the fuel cell industryin accelerating the approval of fuel cell installations by U.S. building regulatory agencies. The project also will address international standards issues that can affect global acceptance of the new technology.

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