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News Archive by Date: 1999

PATH ISO9000 Framing Project: A Quality Home Construction Tool
December 20, 1999
PATH's ISO9000 Framing Projectaims at providing the housing industry with an important new quality control tool for builders and framers that can help satisfy homebuyer quality demands while increasing builder profits.

Industry Proposals for Fast-to-market, New Housing Products Sought
December 9, 1999
PATH, in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is seeking proposals from industry for research projects with potential of producing products within 18 months for site-built, factory-built, and manufactured housing, as well as for upgrades to existing homes.

NES Prepares Housing Technology Innovators for the Marketplace
December 6, 1999
The National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NES), through its Building Innovation Center (NES-BIC), announces implementation of a new program directed at innovators of housing technology who want assistance in accelerating the widespread use of their technology.

Solar Village Breaks Ground in Tucson's Inner City
December 3, 1999
On December 3 builders, utility executives, and government officials broke ground on Tucson's Armory Park del Sol, a development that offers the Nation's cities an exciting model for sustainable, affordable inner-city housing that incorporates solar energy and other advanced technologies.

DOE/PATH Field Evaluation: Duct Sealing Technology Tested for Weatherization, Home Energy Efficiency
November 16, 1999
The Department of Energy, HUD, and PATH will collaborate on a $200,000 field test that could lead to a dramatic reduction in home heating and cooling bills.

Volunteers Transform Winning Design Into Affordable, Technology-rich House in One Week
November 3, 1999
Bob Vila, home building champion and television personality, opened his tenth Home Again season September 6 with a look at the Yonkers affordable housing project, cosponsored last year by the APA Engineered Wood Association, Premier Building Systems, Habitat for Humanity, Residential Architect Magazine, and PATH.

Best Practices, New Technologies Transform 183-year-old Abandoned Townhouse
October 29, 1999
Remodelers using modern business management programs and advanced technologies have transformed a rundown, red brick Philadelphia row house built in 1813 into a home ready for the 21st century. Click hereto read more.

NSF and PATH Announce Funding Opportunity for Research in Innovative Housing Technology
October 29, 1999
National Science Foundation (NSF) and PATHannounce a $1.5 million initiative to develop technologies that will help create a new generation of housing.

Tornado-safe Rooms Take Center Stage at Western States PUBLIC SAFETY AWARENESS DAY
August 5, 1999
Public Safety Awareness Dayat the Siouxland American Red Cross in Sioux City, Iowa brought together firefighters, police, medical technicians, and emergency managers from Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska to discuss safety. Topics under discussion included the construction of a tornado-safe room.

Builders Begin to Transform Industrial Site into Summerset Model Energy Efficient Community
May 20, 1999
Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hillgroundbreaking ceremony launched a construction project to transform a former waste site for the steel-making industry into a community of energy-efficient, affordable homes.

Village Green Unveils Energy-efficient, Affordable Homes
May 17, 1999
Village Green in Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley,one of the Nation's first new communities to be built in association with PATH, opened its first models on May 13, 1999.

FEMA Chief Urges Construction of Tornado-safe Rooms
May 11, 1999
Tornado-safe roomdesign plans are available from FEMA. PATH sponsors a FEMA Safe Room Demonstration Site in Tulsa.

PATH Wood Consortium Launches Next Generation Products Drive
May 3, 1999
Under PATH auspices, leading wood and wood-based product organizations have established a research and development consortium, under PATH auspices, to develop, demonstrate, and deploy technologies that help wood remain a top choice for residential builders, developers, and homeowners far into the next century. .

PATH Teams Up With NAHB Research Center's Toolbase Services Awards $500,000 To Expand Information Services for Builders, Remodelers
April 21, 1999
PATH announced on April 21 an award of $500,000 to the NAHB Research Center of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a subsidiary of the 160,000-member National Association of Home Builders, to increase builder and remodeler access to informationon innovative building materials, processes, and systems.

PATH National Pilot Civano Opens First Sustainable Neighborhood Homes . . . Tucson Community to be the Nation's Largest Sustainable Living Development
April 19, 1999
Civano is a 1,100-acre, mixed-use community that serves as a prototype for the next generation of housing and community development, incorporating traditional neighborhood design with the highest standards of resource conservation for 2,600 families. Click hereto find out more about the first home to be completed.

Building Affordable, MADE-to-Last Homes
April 13, 1999
To increase the number of affordable, site-built, entry-level homes, HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, in conjunction with PATH, recently released A Builder's Guide to Marketable, Affordable, and Durable Entry-level Homes (MADE) To Last, a manual that illustrates how working developers can construct high-quality, energy-efficient, durable, and affordable housing.

PATH National Pilot Promotes Environmentally Friendly Building
March 25, 1999
Playa Vista, a development in Los Angles, California, releases guidelines directing environmentally responsible residential development.

PATH Backs Research on Super Insulation Technology Development
January 1, 1999
PATH, in conjunction with the NAHB Research Center and Dow Chemical Company, is exploring home product applications for a new class of insulation technologythat promises dramatic residential home energy savings.

PATH Demos Offer Consumers Next Generation Technologies, Products, Systems In Action
PATH-affiliated projects with builders and manufacturers in Yonkers, New York and Simi Valley, California showcase real-world applications of new housing technologies.

PATH ISO9000 Framing Project Promotes Quality Home Construction
PATH, the Wood Truss Council of America, and NAHB Research Center are sponsoring a pilot project to integrate within the framing industry ISO9000 practices for quality assurance in design, development, production, and servicing. Builders, manufacturers, framers, code officials, architects and engineers will participate in the 10-month process of development, demonstration, and deployment. Click here to learn more.

PATH/Toolbase Expands Services for Builders/Remodelers
A new menu of NAHB Research Center Toolbase services significantly increases builder and remodeler access to the latest information on innovative building materials, processes and systems. PATH supports enhancements of ToolBase Services, including changes in ToolBase's Web site, hotline, technical newsletter, CD-ROM, and Catalog of Building Products and Services.

PATH/NIST Evaluation Initiative Prepares Innovators for the Marketplace
Funded by PATH and administered by NIST's Building and Fire Research Laboratory, a new program will provide funding and technical support to NES-BIC to develop a partially subsidized fee system for a program that will enable innovators to better understand or determine evaluation requirements for their products. Click here to read more.

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