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Tip of the Month Archive

From PATH's home page, you can access a new tip that changes on the first day of every month. Below you will find a list of past tips arranged by date.

May 2005
Energy Efficient Remodeling

April 2005
Green Cleaning

March 2005

February 2005
Brick Maintenance Tips

January 2005
Housing Technology You Can Use

December 2004
ENERGY STAR for the Holidays

Fall 2004 Special Edition
Relief from Rising Energy Bills

November 2004
Clearing the Air

October 2004
Choosing Your Site

September 2004
Controlling Termites

August 2004
Helpful Hints for House Hunters

July 2004
Gardening Tips That Save Water and Money for Less Work

June 2004
Keep Your Basement Dry

May 2004
Avoiding Blackouts

April 2004
Build for the Big Storms

March 2004
Getting Rid of Mold for Good

February 2004
Comparing Roofing Materials

January 2004
Insulate Insulate Insulate

December 2003
Building Material Garage Sales

November 2003
Brighten Up With Daylighting

October 2003
How Long Will That Roof Last Anyway?

September 2003
Building to Withstand the Big Storm

August 2003
Modular Housing: Nice Designs, Neat Installations--and Affordable Prices

July 2003
Save Energy and Money with ENERGY STAR

June 2003
Demand a House with Less Framing, Less Waste and Better Performance

May 2003
Better Lawns with Less Work

April 2003
Maintain, Drain, and Watch the Rain

March 2003
The Best Homes Exceed Code Requirements - Cost-Effectively

February 2003
Tap Into the Energy Under Your Feet

January 2003
Long Lasting Wall Coatings

December 2002
Deconstruction Pays

November 2002
Activate Passive Solar Energy

October 2002
Rainwater Harvesting

September 2002
Weatherizing Your Home

August 2002
Reducing Water Use and Costs

July 2002

June 2002
Increasing Lighting Efficiency

May 2002
Financing Energy Efficiency

April 2002
Energy and Cost Savings Tips

March 2002
About Moisture and Mold

February 2002
Energy and Water Saving Landscaping

January 2002
Choosing Insulation

December 2001
Are you looking for attractive energy-efficient windows?

Content updated on 5/2/2005

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