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October 18, 2005

How Do We Think About Technology?

Who innovates in our nation's homes? Manufacturers of home products and systems? Homebuilders and homebuyers?

We know that in many ways and at many times, all of these groups innovate or help the innovation process, but we still do not know exactly who, how and when this happens. In a first event of its kind, PATH and McGraw-Hill Construction are pleased to announce that they will team together to uncover how these groups think about, and do their part to ignite innovation in the housing industry.

The "Identifying Housing Research Needs" project will release a series of white papers and will convene a major industry roundtable to explore those questions. It will include support and representation from:

  • Leading Federal programs who sponsor long-term housing research
  • Major housing market data collection organizations
  • Leading scholars of housing innovation markets and market behaviors in academia, private practice, and industrial associations and foundations.

PATH addresses the totality of institutional barriers to technological change in the industry, but it also acknowledges the need to work with industrial partners and within the existing industrial structure to effect change. Though this task is daunting, recent evaluations suggest that PATH and other Federal programs have taken the correct first steps towards achieving industry change. Through groundbreaking market research initiatives such as those imposed here, we will identify the activities most likely to positively impact innovation diffusion.

The roundtable will be held in the Winter of 2006, and papers published soon after. More news and updates will be available on PATHnet.

For more information:
Kate Fried

Content updated on 11/9/2005

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